Review: Diskordia #7

Growing up , I used to read a lot of books about being in war. This initial obsession started when my maternal grandfather used to tell me stories about working for the American in the Philippines during World War II. His stories often were about the Americans he worked with and the dangers he often PI was occupied by Japan during that time. One of the first books I read about and eventually saw the movie which it was based on was The Bridge On The River Kwai.

I would go on to read and watch every book/movie I could get my hands on.  I read Sgt Rock and Unknown Soldier comics all the time, as they captured the essence of how it is to be the tip of the spear. This became clear, when I joined the military and the reality is much more gruesome than any book/tv show/movie can I ever portray. In the seventh issue of Diskordia, we find Iverna and everyone in the towers in midst of conflict.

Within the opening pages, we find Iverna, getting her staff ready for a battle, with a nightmare king, known as “The Patriarch”. One by one, each of the inhabitants get attacked by him, everyone suffering their own version of a nightmare, being killed in a unique way. Jackal Squid Girl and Iverna band together to fight the Patriarch, evading his goons, one step at a time. By issue’s end, Iverna has fought the Patriarch back but an ally me be lost forever.

Overall, a fun trip, that reminds me of some of the best battle scenes in The Hunt For Red October. The story by Rivenis is both mind bending and exciting to read. The art by Rivenis is as always, gorgeous. Altogether, another exciting installment in this story that challenges storytelling tropes at every turn.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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