Review: Æther & Empire #4

I remember the first time, I watched Aliens, I was just as terrified of them as everyone else in the theater. These monsters with sharp teeth and elongated bodies, dripping goo, looking only to annihilate whoever lies in front of them. Fr some reason, these movies stayed with me longer than any horror movie, and not for the reason horror fans usually love movies. The moments that made whole theater jump, was not when we saw the monsters, it is rather, the disquiet, the composer lets settle in.

These moments before the action takes place, gives the viewer a certain purgatory of anticipation, that you never know when to expect. These moments of silence, where the viewer only relies on the character’s words and actions, allows us to connect to them on subatomic human level. This where we as the viewer, ask what would we do, in their shoes, how would we react and if we would end up with the same outcome. This is what the fourth episode of Aether and Empire, reminds me of those moments of disquiet, in those Aliens movies.

In this issue, we catch up with the crew of the Jules Verne, as they get onboard the abandoned where they find two bodies, one, a scientist and the other, a Martian. They bring one body, on board, the body of one of their fellow scientists who has been transfigured by whatever happened on that ship. What they soon find out, in the middle of his autopsy, is that he is not dead. By issue’s end, a question of morality is at odds between the scientists and the ship’s crw, one that will not soon dissipate.

Overall, an interesting issue that gives this story quite an interesting twist, one that I have not seen in other steampunk fantasy stories. The story by Mike Horan blends genres in the most fascinating way. The art by Bong Ty Dazo elevates the story to new heights. Altogether, a great story that only gets better with this issue.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo
Story: 10 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy