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IRE’s Korean Manhwa En Garde on Lezhin

Lezhin Comics, South Korea’s largest paid platform for digital comics has debuted IRE’s En Garde, a new sport series following two close friends and fencers.

En Garde tells the story of Shin Yunwoo and Yoo Mir. These two teens are competitive fencers in addition to being the best of friends, but while Shin Yunwoo is the more experienced and mature competitor, his counterpart seems to demonstrate something more. When Shin Yunwoo suffers defeat, two seemingly sinister recruiters approach him with a proposition.

En Garde was created by IRE, a young Korean comic book artist, who has developed a devoted following online. The series debuted with 10 of the 18 chapters available to read for free. Lezhin readers can purchase additional chapters for 3 coins each.

This week’s debut follows last week’s premier of Lee Yul’s A Compendium of Ghosts, a beautiful and haunting story rendered to reflect a Korean folklore influence, with five chapters available to read for free. The series was a recipient of the 2013 Korea Content Awards, honoring creatives, and presented by Korea’s prime minister.