Review: Diskordia #6

Growing up at a time when I remember HBO, went off at a certain time, the idea of channels where they never go off air sometimes sounds nuts.  Even the number of channels and now, streaming services that exist, are almost mind blowing. As Seth Myers even alluded to this fact at the most recent Emmy Awards, as he pointed out a pretty good problem, there is countless shows. There are not only too many shows but also too many movies.

This has made the necessity for quality not at the top of the reasons to make a show/movie. As many projects usually devolve to brutish tendencies of standard story tropes.  I bring these things up, because HBO was prestige television for the longest time, and making shows that not only were great but pushed the envelope, one of those shows being their adaptation Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. In this issue of Diskordia, Rivens paints shades of the type of eerie that the show brought in those days.

We catch up with our protagonist, as a dream of certain shaft looking vessel is heading his direction. We catch up as Jackal and Squid Girl finally meets Iverna Deskerna, as they soon find out they are not the only ones there for the auction. They soon meet a group of some very unsavory characters, which feels like cross between the movies, Clue and Murder on The Orient Express. By issue’s end, the walls are breached and King of Nightmare are headed for Iverna and Jackal.

Overall, this story goes places no one would ever see coming. The story by Rivenis goes down some familiar roads, but take turns where others don’t. The art by Rivenis feels fluid and vibrant. Altogether, another great installment to an ever-engaging story.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy