Review: Æther & Empire #3

When I was in the Navy, I can honestly say that deployments were arduous mostly, but fun sometimes. When I was deployed on land, the usual desert air, the size of the sand scorpions, the languages you don’t understand at first, all permeate your being.  When I was on deployments at sea, they were usually difficult, because of change of schedule, the number of drills and the smell of sea water everywhere. One of the things that makes them bearable is, that you know you are not the only one.

The common misery that you share with one another, is something you take with you for the rest of your lives. Yes, us veterans do share war stories, some funny, some tragic and most of them having life lessons. Some of those deployments involved us getting ensconced with different units. In this issue of Aether & Empire, it reminds of those times, as Captain Bristow and his crew starts living and working the scientists on the station.

Bristow and his crew hops aboard the space station, as both the scientists and Captain Bristow’s crew get to know each other and the arsenals that are at their disposal. The reader gets a panel by panel training montage where both crews learn about the space station and what they will encounter. As things get when you are in such close quarters, some romances start to blossom. By the end of the issue, they encounter an abandoned alien ship, which what looks like to be the corpse of a dead alien .

Overall, this issue gets the feelings of deployments right, and the extraterrestrial element just adds to the premise The story by Mike Horan so far feels like sea tale but in outer space. The art by Bong Ty Dazo is stunning. Altogether, an excellent issue, which elevates where the story is going.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy