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Review: Love Debut

Being a child of the 1980s, I remember when love songs pretty much ruled the airwaves. There were a ton of songs that talked about all the aspects of relationships in all their glory as well as their uneven mess. Some were unflinchingly honest, like the classic song by Slick Rick, “Teenage Love”, which encapsulated the fluctuation of feelings when teenagers and hormone are involved. Then there were the songs that captured the mystery of love, like Paula Abdul’s “When opposites Attract”.

There were many things about that song that stood for anyone who has heard it, but for those who of us who have seen the music video, can attest, it was pretty entertaining, as it came a few years after Who Framed Roger Rabbit? What stood out for me, was also the messages the song was trying to convey, as no matter how many differences one can find not to be attracted to someone, sometimes nothing can resist that raw magnetic pull. Songs, books and moves these days like to intermingle these simple anecdotes about love and attraction with lust and sex often. So when I heard about Nika’s Love Debut, it gave me some hope that there were creators who reminisced about those same love songs.

In the opening pages, we are introduced to Nick Thomas, an aspiring musician and Sara Hoffman, a former child star, currently working as a waitress hoping no one would recognize her. What starts out as innocent interest in Sara’s welfare becomes an actual attraction to her, at first friendly but slowly but surely becomes a full-on love interest. In the meantime, they become interested in music together, leading them to becoming a band getting to know each other. By book’s end, our protagonists have shared more than either ever expected, which ultimately leads to love blooming.

Overall, a book that reminded me of that definitive Paul McCartney song, “Silly Love Songs”, as this book is as endearing as this song and even more moving in many ways. The story by Nika tackles a typical love story in the most unconventional of ways, putting most rom-coms to shame. The art by Nika is alluring and gorgeous. Altogether, a funny, beautiful love story that has already changed the game on how love stories should be told.

Story: Nika Art: Nika
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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