Review: Æther & Empire #2

When the movie, Inglorious Bastards, came out a few years ago, it reminded of those movies much like Seven Samurai and Dirty Dozen, where it focused on solely and man and purpose. In Seven Samurai, the protagonists were there to save a village which needed help from marauder invasions. In Dirty Dozen, these crew of roughnecks into a mass genocide of German Officers. In the aforementioned movie, their mission was more direct, they were there to kill Hitler.

Each of these examples, always showed a couple of men, who did not necessarily want to go on these missions/jobs, some had no choice, but each showed fortitude in their bravery nonetheless. Each of these characters all came to the realization, that doing something for someone else was bigger than they were was worth it. This grit is what make most members of the military serve especially when it is scary. In this episode of Aether & Empire, Captain Bristow andhis crew’s mettle is challenged as take on a dangerous missio.

Bristow and his crew return to London to a hero’ welcome but the upper echelon of the fleet is no only there to greet him but to entrust a new mission with his crew. He soon finds out about a secret mission in space, as a crew of scientists have stopped communicating with London, and he must escort another group of scientists to their space station. As the crews get acquainted with each other, a am awkwardness ensues between the two. By the end of the issue, the airship is closing on Mars, and even closer to finding out what happened to the first crew.

Overall, this issue mixes political intrigue with murder mystery in a story arc that is starting to remind of movies like Leviathan and The Thing. The story by Horan, is rife with suspense and makes the 19th century sound interesting. The art by Dazo, is beautiful. Altogether, an excellent issue, which only proves this creative tea is rewriting how an action adventure should play out.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy