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Review: Pride of the Decent Man

Redemption, is a hard road to travel for most people. Every person, whether they are inherently good or bad, tend to feel at some point, that they must pay for past mistakes. These things can haunt you for years and you may never gain the redemption you seek. The older we get, the more these things weigh on us and eventually become a burden.

For ex-convicts, this burden is an even heavier weight for one to carry as society doesn’t not even deem regular citizens. They usually have a harder time getting a job and don’t usually have the right to vote. Their reintroduction to normal life and to their families is another trial they suffer as well. In T.J. Kirsch’s Pride of the Decent Man, one such person endures a life where one wrong turn makes a him a convict and his life is forever changed.

In the opening pages, we meet Andrew, a young man growing up in a sleepy New England town to a toxic family. He often retreats to writing when his Dad gets angry but that doesn’t always protect him from being abused. He eventually gets in enough trouble to land himself in jail and as he is released years later, he finds out he has a daughter, which leads them to look for each other. By book’s end, what lead to him to jail comes full circle and one of them was not going to see tomorrow.

Overall, a great book, which leaves you heartbroken yet thankful for all the right steps you have taken. The story by T.J. Kirsch is beautiful and memorable. The art by Kirsch is eye catching and haunting. Altogether, a journey will leave you choked up as it makes you remember that for every right decision in life, there is also a right one.

Story: T.J. Kirsch Art: T.J. Kirsch
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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