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Review: Æther & Empire #1 Eternal Glory

There is something beautiful about the adventure, when anyone can go somewhere new and meet new people. This is exactly what makes the human spirit so endearing. It is why we have ventured into the great unknown for centuries and take those risks which may get us to meet our maker. For those who cannot go on these adventures, they tend to get lost in the books by Robert Louis Stevenson.

These are the books I used to read as kid as his stores about pirates and battles at sea, held hostage my imagination, where I would get lost in one of his books for days. I was not the only one who was entranced by his books, as others have written books inspired by and even taken on other interpretations of the same tales. Treasure Planet, being one of the more interesting takes on his books. So, when I heard Æther & Empire, it sounded like these books but with a steampunk twist.

In the first few pages, it is 1872, and the crew of the HMSS Nimbus, are under fire by a pirate ship. Soon after, both crews fight to the death, until a mysterious airship provides support, it is the HMSS Jules Verne, where we meet Captain Bristow, the captain of the HMSS Jules Verne, and his crew as they come to rescue the crew of the Nimbus and stop the siege. By issue’s end, an airship has gone missing and the higherups in London are sending the Jules Verne to find it.

Overall, an enthralling book which provides the reader wall to wall action, as it is very much like Master and Commander. The story by Mike Horan calls back to those swashbuckling adventures of 50s, with truly adventure at every turn. The art by Bong Ty Dazo is gorgeous and dazzles the eyes like few artists can do. Altogether, an excellent comic which leaves the reader wanting to know where the adventure takes them next.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy