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TV Review: The Tick (2016) S1E6 Rising

the-tick-img-1200x1200Tick and Arthur try to use Ramses to prove that the Terror is alive and run into trouble. Miss Lint takes the advice of an old friend.

The Tick wraps up its first season with an episode that leaves things so open there’s no way this isn’t coming back in some way. It’s hard to review this episode without spiling a lot, but the Terror steals the show as Jackie Earl Haley has tons of fun and does/says things that are so over the top that there’s no way it’s not funny.

What’s interesting is that with just six episodes things are far from complete and it feels like that. It leaves an unsatisfying ending to it. While it’s a cliffhanger ending, it doesn’t feel like one for a season, instead more of a mid-season, and even then the six episodes are so short and so little accomplished the overall package doesn’t quite pull together here with the final few moments.

And that’s the thing that gets me about this episode and the “season.” With just six episodes (five new ones), the season feels too short and not much happens. Double the length would feel a bit more satisying in many ways and a lot more could be done as far as story and action. As is, this all still feels like a teaser of things to come. There’s lots of reveals and some great reveals, but this episode, like the season feels like it’s just a little bit to put it really over the top.

As is, the fundamentals are all here, there’s just a special spark that’s missing.

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Overall Rating: 6.95

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