TV Review: The Tick (2016) S1E4 Party Crashers

the-tick-img-1200x1200Tick crashes an Everest family party to convince Arthur’s sister Dot of her brother’s super-heroic destiny. Another more dangerous party-crasher arrives to threaten Arthur and his family.

It’s taken four episodes, but here we finally see some of the humor I expect in a live action The Tick series. The episode takes Arthur to a birthday party for his father where he’s confronted by Miss Lint who needs his help regarding the mysterious suit. The humor is both physical and written and really nails it in a lot of ways.

The Tick comes off as innocent and just plain dumb as he sits enjoying presents being opened in a childlike way that’s somewhat endearing. There’s also his embracing of a homeless person and not remembering a bad guy, this Tick isn’t so much a goofball as he’s pure innocence.

Then there’s some physical humor regarding Arthur’s super suit that’s fantastic as it mocks heads up displays and wearables. It’s just gooy and done in a way that had me snickering.

Then there’s Overkill and hist boat which feels like the worst update to Knight Rider ever… or maybe the greatest.

None of this is laugh out loud funny but it has the underlying silliness of the original two versions. This is just the dry sarcastic brother of them all. It’s a dierent sort of Tick, but one I’m really appreciating in its reserved sense of humor.

You can watch The Tick now on Amazon.

Overall Rating: 7.0