TV Review: The Tick (2016) S1E2 Where’s My Mind

the-tick-img-1200x1200Tick and Arthur have a run-in with local villainess Miss Lint and her gang, who will stop at nothing to get back the mysterious supersuit that Tick took from them and gave to Arthur. Dot, Arthur’s paramedic sister, moonlights for an unsavory business.

So far, this iteration of The Tick is much darker than previous live action versions, it’s different, and that’s not a bad thing. One thing that stands out is Griffin Newman‘s Arthur who feels more like the focus of the series as opposed to the sidekick.

What’s particularly great about this take on Arthur is the series willingness to play with his mental state leaving the viewers to guess as to if the Tick (played by Peter Serafinowicz) is even real. The answer is revealed by the end but for much of the episode I was questioning the reality of it all.

The series’ shift in character focus also changes the story to be about a person dealing with PTSD and struggling in the world. It’s interesting in its own way. The series shits the focus as well in that in other versions it’s the Tick we wonder about his mental state. Here, he’s just a big blue idiot.

The second episode is dark, really dark, especially at the end emphasizing this isn’t The Tick of the past and even then, it has me wanting to come back for more.

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Overall Rating: 7.1