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Review: Legend of the Mantamaji: Book One

When it comes to mythology, much of it is skewed in interpretations, versus actual first-person accounts. Any avid viewer of History Channel, can tell you, that many accounts that were written, have been both proven and disproven many times over, and as each of these specials tend to roll out experts who are supposedly smarter than the is very much like an uncle once told me, about why people kill each other, because:” there can only be one person to tell his-tory”. Sometimes the truth is much less romantic than historians want us to know and more enigmatic than the world can comprehend.

It would make you wonder if there was truth in the King Arthur myth, as there are historical records that show him as a real historical figure. I always wondered did any of those characters that surrounded him exist. Especially the villains, as they were his worst torment and ultimately lead to his downfall. In the this first book of The Legend of Mantamaji, a man who thought who he knew about himself, gets his life turned upside down.

We are introduced to Assistant District Attorney, Elijah Alexander, a rising star in city politics, who leads a normal life, has a girlfriend and was raised by a single mother. Elijah, soon finds out from a mysterious man from his mother’s past, that he his and his family not ordinary, and those stories he read as a child, were all true, as they belong to an ancient race of warriors, known as Mantamaji, and he has powers he has to learn to wield as an ancient foe has returned to wreak havoc. He is soon learning to full weight of his powers to stop the menace. By the end of this first book, someone close to Elijah dies and a friend looks to be not who they say they are.

Overall, an excellent book, which shows the world, that heroes come in all shapes and colors, and doing the right thing always matters. The story by Eric Dean Seaton is captivating and larger-than-life, providing an excellent introduction. The art by Brandon Palas is vibrant and stunning. Altogether, an epic which provides depth and heart in the superhero genre.

Story: Eric Dean Seaton Art: Brandon Palas
Story:10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation: Buy