Review: Kahlil #10

Iron Man is one of those comics, you either like because of Tony Stark or like because of Iron Man. The epic story, “Demon in a Bottle”, provided readers of just how complex Tony Shark is. As far Iron Man, any reader who has continuously read his books throughout the years, knows there have been more than one person who has inhabited the armor of Iron Man. His inner struggles as well as his fights with his rogues’ gallery, has defined the character for generations shaped the Iron Man we see in the MCU.

To me, what has defined him, is not necessarily those struggles but his relationships with the rest of the Avengers. His relationship with Captain America and the Hulk, have both been told in many stories. The one most defining relationship to me was twit the Vision, who was Jarvis, before the infinity stones, as he was his digital servant before. In this issue of Kahlil, Rizvi we meet someone quite like Jarvis, but and the Vision but one where very Kryptonite, is born with.

We catch up with Kahlil as he is introduced to Jem-El, his bound lifetime companion, and is told his purpose. As the Khans get ready for their family Biryani, they worry about the future and meeting Jem-El. Jem-El helps Khalil understand they are more like brothers and his there to help guide him. By issue’s end, Jem-El, meets his family, hilariously believes Jem-El to be a Djinn at first but as Jem-El assures Kahlil o human or Kryptonian has ever lead a life like the one he is about lead.

Overall, a great issue, that provides the reader, the philosophy of Kal-El The story by Kumail Rizvi is funny and introspective. The art by Rizvi is vivid. Altogether, another fine installment, which elevates the canon and gives it a few flavors that it would not have had in lesser hands.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy