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Dorbz: DC Bombshells in November

Hailing from an alternate universe where the heroic women of DC Comics fought in World War II, Dorbz: DC Bombshells features the powerhouse pinups in Dorbz form.

Collect Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Katana!

Look for the black & white chase version of Harley Quinn, and the sepia chase version of Wonder Woman! Both have a rarity of 1-in-6.

Collect them all this November.

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Be sure to check out Hot Topic for some great exclusives, like Black Canary, Catwoman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Mera!

Look for Poision Ivy’s glow-in-the-dark chase piece, and Mera’s sailor outfit chase piece! Both have a rarity of 1-in-6.

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