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Review: Zombie Rising Volume 2

The appeal of Walking Dead cannot be understated, as it engrossed the public’s attention right away. This was not the first time a zombie dystopia has had been given such a grim narrative, but this one felt so relatable.  The comic book felt like a typical zombie tale at first, but evolved into a disturbing and suspenseful tale of human nature. This tale, had more to do with the humans than it did with the zombies.

The zombies in Robert Kirkman’s epic, were more of a hazard, than a terror. The real evil were the humans, and just how desperate or evil one can become. It showed that being kind to one another doesn’t necessarily get you what you want. People’s intentions are explored in this volume of Zombie Rising as Manav and Navin start kicking up dust as their investigations ramp up.

In the opening pages, we catch up with Manav and Navin, as they dig into Neolife’s activities, and just how duplicitous they are. . Soon we find out, Neolife Industries are still using their serum on human test subjects, and know about Manav and Navin’s investigation. As Singh try to wrangle the zombies, he loses control and before long everyone on his crew including himself are infected. By book’s end, everyone is in peril and everyone and every animal is infected, soon to reach the rest of India.

Overall, a not so happy conclusion, one which truly questions human nature. The story by Devaki Singh is true to the genre. The art by Tarun Kumar Sahu is heartbreaking. Altogether, this reader was hoping for a happy ending, but like most things in our they don’t end necessarily happy, and it is seeming fitting in this world of zombies.

Story: Devaki Singh Art: Tarun Kumar Sahu
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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