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Review: My Pretty Vampire

Vampire movies are its own sub-genre, as it has may different takes on the mythology. There is ever popular Blade movie series, where they act more like an underground club scene. There is the Underworld movie series, which shows it as them a hidden aristocracy. There is also Lost Boys, which encapsulated 80s teenage angst in a supernatural world.

My favorite takes on the genre, tend to be the ones that challenged perceptions, the brilliant What We Do In The Shadows which riotously tackles all the well-traveled tropes within the genre. Then there is the under watched Let the Right One In, a dark tale about a young vampire. I always wondered how this tale would be if it was more lighthearted, which Katie Skelley, does so vividly in My Pretty Vampire.

We meet a young vampire by the name of Clover, and just like every young girl, is, lovely and full of energy, but unlike most young girls, is a vampire. She is kept home by her brother, Marcel, ever since she was bit and became a vampire, until one night when she escapes their house. Marcel hires a vampire hunter to track her down, as dozens of bodies lay in her wake, By book’s end, Clover experience life itself for the first time but also finds herself, and ultimately get a sweet revenge on her brother.

Overall, a story that takes me back those European Vampire movies form the 1970s, but better. The story by Katie Skelly is dark, funny, and intuitive. The art by Skelly is incandescent and the way she draws is quite gorgeous. Altogether, more than an enjoyable tale of vampires, but a stimulating nostalgia trip.

Story: Katie Skelly Art: Katie Skelly
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: BUY NOW