By The Numbers: June 2017

Like in any industry, comic books and their companies listen most to one thing and that’s your money! What does your money tell them? What does it tell us as fans? What series do people say they adore but can’t seem to catch a break and what books to people hate that sell out? What are the trends? What looks good? What looks rough?

All these questions and more will be answered here, every month in ‘By The Numbers’ by comic writers, editors and fans, Glenn Matchett and Ray Goldfield.

Glenn Matchett is a comic writer and editor. He’s worked in the industry for 6 years but grew up reading comics.  He’s had work published with Outre Press, Alterna Comics and Nemesis Studios.  After finding out the 13th Doctor was going to be a woman, Glenn celebrated the exciting prospects it brings to one of his favorite shows, you know…like a sane person.

Ray Goldfield is a fan of comic books for going on 25 years, starting with the death of Superman. He is a writer and editor and has released his first novel. Ray also does a weekly roundup of DC comic reviews for website Geekdad and they’re brilliantly entertaining.  After finding out the 13th Doctor was going to be a woman, Ray’s response was ‘David Tennant’s leaving?!?!?!?’ and then couldn’t stop his co columnist from sobbing.

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Glenn: Sorry about the slight delay folks!  Being a parent should allow you 28 hours or more in a day.

Its Summer and things are starting to really heat up in terms of the sales charts!  The big two are now either underway or starting their respective events in Secret Empire and Metal while the indies have a few interesting things cooking to keep their presence high.  How will it all fold out?  That’s what we’re here to find out!


In a surprise the top book of the month turns out to be the launch of new Spider-Man ongoing, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man beating the nearest highest selling title by nearly 100k and clocking in sales of over 224k.  A whopping success for a Spider-Man b list title and their are a lot of contributing factors here.  The creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert have strong fanbases, there’s the movie, this issue was included in a collectors corps box (probably boosting it by 75k or so), variants, a more back to basic approach for the character and this being the first Spider-Man secondary title starring Peter Parker since the launch of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man way back in 2005. This book had a lot going for it and its paid off.  Of course, the celebration comes with pause as we saw a book like Champions debut higher and this month its only selling over 27k at 86 with only 9 issues in the bag.  Still this is a big win and I think this can be a stable seller, we’ll find out next month!

Ray:  As always when we have a #1 with a LootCrate or Collector’s Corps boost, I will say – we really need an a star by that #1 and the actual raw numbers without the bulk order. Would make it a lot easier to gauge. However, this is a Spider-man book with a top-tier creative team, so I would guess that this is actually the legit #1 book of the month, unlike the last two months with Secret Empire. This is a monthly book, so no #2 to judge this one, but I would estimate that it could settle down less than 10K below the level of Amazing Spider-man, which would still put it in ratified air for Marvel right now.
Glenn:  Given that Amazing has slid a bit the last few months, I think this one will be a bit closer but either way thats more than enough to call it a win.

The book I thought would be the number 1 book this month is actually the number 2 book in Dark Days: The Forge which is the first of two prelude books that are leading up to DC mega event, Metal.  The book sells over 130.6k which is a great number in of itself but a lot lower than I would have expected.  It seems that the two Dark Days books may have caught retailers by surprise and they were a little late to the ordering party.  There was some confusion here similar to the Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy sales puzzle but even with that, the book topped 100k easy.  I expect big reorders for this next month and a much more sensible number for Dark Days: The Casting which had a whole extra month after the initial announcement of these two prequels.  Things are looking very promising for the main event book by superstars Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo this summer.

Ray:  This feels like a misfire on the part of DC marketing more than anything else. These specials were dropped in the schedule with relatively little notice, and final order cutoff snuck up on a lot of retailers. The fact that with all of that, it still sold 130K is actually a big win for the creative team. We’ll see lots of reorders, no doubt. And more importantly, if this can do 130K with everything going against it, it feels very likely that Metal can easily debut over 200K – and maybe stay there, which would be a level not seen by any mainstream book since Secret Wars.

Glenn:  Star Wars once again proves its value to Marvel with the launch of the new Darth Vader ongoing at 3 with sales over 118.6k.  Its a long distance from the sales of the last Vader ongoing but the hype around Marvel doing Star Wars comics has died down a little.  Still, 3 years later and the value of the property is still considerable.  Its also possible that since this book is set during the much less popular ‘prequel era’ that that could have had some impact also.  Still, a strong launch and this book could easily settle in the 50-60k to make it one of Marvel’s strongest performers.

Ray:  Solid debut for Darth Vader, although I would have expected a bit more. Marvel’s rolling out more and more Star Wars books – they have nine coming out in September, I believe – and attrition may be settling in, as we see the second issue of this title land at #12 with sales of 66K. That doesn’t give it much breathing room. However, I think if it can land about 10K ahead of secondary Star Wars books like Doctor Aphra and Poe Dameron, it’ll be a solid performer long-term.

Glenn:  I missed the second issue comic out, glad you caught that.  So its selling lower than the usual level of the old Vader series already but that was a good bit ago and there’s a lot of factors to consider.  It’ll definitely be well above the normal Star Wars ongoings apart from the main title so that’ll be enough to keep the penny counters happy for sure.

Back in the 100k club, Batman 24 is at 4 with over 116k for the proposal issue.  Its odd this was ordered so high as DC didn’t let anything slip about the significance of the issue prior to ordering would have been completed.  Is it genuine momentum for the title after the button perhaps?  Given the events of the issue, this will be another one which will likely have strong reorders next month.  The 25th issue is at 6 with sales just under 103k.  Low bump considering this is an anniversary issue and the start of the new Jokes and Riddles story.  The price is higher too so that may have had an impact but I doubt it.  This is probably just showing that Batman is super stable in itself and issue numbers and starts of stories don’t effect it as much because it sells so well normally anyway.  Strongest ongoing in the market bar none.

Ray:  Definitely good bumps for both issues. With #24, I’m wondering if buzz got out very quickly, and retailers were able to get in additional orders for this month? It could be an additional 15K in reorders rolled into the main number. As for #25, one thing I noticed is that very few of the 25th issues this month got any significant boost, with one exception (more on that later). We talked about this with Detective #950 a while back – the double-edged sword of Rebirth’s insane stability is that there’s relatively little movement in either direction.

Glenn:  Sandwiched inbetween the two Batman issues this month at 5 is another Batman comic in the form of the final issue of Dark Knight III which finishes with sales over 103.3k.  This has sold over 6k every issue and that’s really impressive these days, especially since its been delayed and there has been some controversy with the series.  Despite this its been another big success for DC and now it goes off to collection heaven where it will continue to be a solid performer for decades to come, no doubt.

Ray:  This took forrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr to finish, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt it at all. DKR is an insanely strong brand for DC, and this will continue to deliver strong sales in collections for years to come. Seems to have gone over much better overall than DKSA as well.

Glenn:  I’m pretty sure my own Batman comic where he is turned into a stickman by the fiendish Mr. Sticks is better regarded than DKSA

Ray:  I’d read that Batman story.

Glenn:  Yet another surprise this month in the number 7 book being the first Edge Of Venomverse prelude selling over 98k.  This is just a set up for the Venomverse mini series starting in a few months starring a different version of Venom every issue.  We saw something similar to Spider-Verse a few years ago which of course led to the popularization of Spider-Gwen.  The last few sales charts have shown some excitement for Venom as a property and this is likely an extension of that.  This particular issue also stars X-23 who is pretty hot at the moment following Logan and retailers may not want to risk missing out on the next surprise hit like Spider-Gwen was.  Whatever the reason, this is an amazing number for a prelude to a mini-series that basically came around because some variants looked cool.

Ray:  Venom’s had an incredible resurgence over the last few months, and if the prequel mini can do this well, Marvel may just have a huge hit on their hands with Venomverse in the coming month. It’s essentially a weekly event once it launches, so that should keep numbers high throughout. Will Venomverse outsell Secret Empire that month? It’s entirely possible, given that it did this month.

Glenn:  Its even more impressive when you consider that it outsold the latest issue of the actual proper real big event Marvel wants you to care about in the form of Secret Empire.  Issues 4 and 5 sold 8 and 9 respectively with sales over 91.6k and 87.6k which is very stable.  This is a very busy and particularly successful top ten this month so the books rank lower than they likely would have done on a quieter month.  Sadly for the event, the quiet months are at an end for a while so it could be pushed out of the top ten sooner than you would realize.  These are very good numbers in many ways and shows a quick stabilization fast.  In terms of the scale of the book and what its supposed to be, its selling well below what you would expect.  Its now selling lower than Civil War II was at its conclusion and that was not anything to write home about.  This is probably going to end up selling like a middle of the road event rather than the juggernaut its supposed to be.  Also, like we said last month the strength of the event is also how it benefits its tie-ins and we’ll get to that later…a lot later…….a lot, lot later.


Ray:  And speaking of…these numbers for Secret Empire aren’t terrible. That shows some stability, but it comes after crushing losses last month. It’s got three months to go, and it’s not likely to decline to IvX numbers based on this, but the most positive scenario is likely AXIS. The bigger problem is the fact that Marvel has turned over its entire line to this event, and we’ll talk much more about them later – but spoiler, they do basically nothing.

Glenn:  Finally its Walking Dead at 10 with sales just under 83k and a sales bump because…reasons?  Insert monthly joke of YOUR choice about how successful this book is here and the best won wins Ray for the weekend!

Ray:  Walking Dead keeps its grip on that top ten like a zombie grandma eating a bingo caller!

Speaking of reliable, just outside of the top ten is Star Wars, selling 70K. Still easily Marvel’s #1 ongoing and should keep this slot as long as Aaron is on board.

Glenn:  I would say the titles brand is bigger than Aaron, all due respect to him.  If he did leave (it seems like he won’t be since he’s sticking with Marvel) then they have a few talented folks ready to take over if the need arises.  This line has been a gift to Marvel in many ways and given that there is direct oversight on this one at least, they’ll not mess up.

Note:  Since writing this, it has been announced Jason Aaron is leaving Star Wars and Kieran Gillan is taking over

Ray:  A decent debut for Defenders by Bendis and Marquez at #13, with sales of 64K. Not bad for a book very clearly trying to capture that Netflix vibe. This ships two issues this month, though, and the second slides down to #35 with sales of 46K. That’s not a terrible drop at all, although this is just a retailer guessing game. If this can land at Jessica Jones numbers long-term, it’ll be a modest hit.

Glenn:  With regards to Defenders, I’m surprised they didn’t wait till the series landed next month, it seemed to work wonders for Iron Fist and this title has a much higher profile creative team but hey, you’re okay.  Your projection seems spot on, this will be one of Marvel’s upper tier which is around the 45k-55k range these days with a few exceptions.

Ray:  The rare example of a Secret Empire bump, Amazing Spider-man saw its 28th issue sell 50K at #26, down further from last month’s drop, but #29 leapfrogs 9K to land at #15, just under top twenty (but soon ending) All-Star Batman. I put this more on the subject matter of the issue, though – it’s the start of the rematch between Peter and former Spider-man Otto Octavius.

Glenn:  Yeah, I think this is more about the story being Ock’s return (again) over Secret Empire.  Once again, Dan Slott has turned Doc Ock’s presence into money.  This will continue to be stable throughout Secret Empire on its own merits.

Ray:  A #25 issue that did move the needle, surprisingly, is Old Man Logan. It loses Jeff Lemire, brings in the Hulk Gang and the Maestro – and leaps 13K in sales to land at #16 with 59K. That’s a really surprising number. Good job by Marvel hyping it up, but we’ll see the drop next month – as we’ll talk later, huge numbers for an anniversary doesn’t guarantee long-term success, especially at Marvel.

Glenn:  There was a lost of questions about Old Man Logan post Lemire but these numbers do give some reservation optimism.  The issue number no doubt helped as did the presence of Marvel mainstay Mike Deodato but don’t count out Ed Brisson either.  His Iron Fist launch was huge and he was a poach from DC who probably had him lined up for the same kind of push people like Steve Orlando is getting.  More will become clear about this title’s future next month but good stuff here for sure.

Ray:  Last month we saw Detective Comics leapfrog Justice League to become the #2 biweekly book from DC. This month, The Flash does it as well. Although they all decline slightly – Justice League more than the other – all the issues are clustered right next to each other, showing the slight attrition. Flash #25 outsells #24, but only by a few hundred copies.

On the other hand, there is no such stabilizing for the biweekly X-men books, which continue to have huge slides with each issue. X-Men Gold sells 54K and just cracks the top 20 with #5, but slides 6K with the next issue. Likewise, X-Men Blue sells 50K with #5, but loses 7K the same month.

Glenn:  Marvel made a big deal out of this latest X-Men relaunch but it doesn’t seem to have had much effect, especially when you compare it to the rebirth books that are outselling it at a year into their runs.  Marvel will be hoping the massive latest fresh coat of paint that is Legacy will help but I’m not so certain.

Ray:  At #25 we have a one-shot titled “Weapons of Mutant Destruction“, which leads into a crossover between Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X. It sells 52K, which is more than impressive enough given that neither of the parent titles sells all that well. (Weapon X – 35K at #60, Hulk all the way down at #115 with 23K).

Glenn:  This got a good amount of hype and seemed like a pretty cool concept.  Marvel shows they can pull out the tricks that seem to work when they want.

Ray:  Last month, we saw a spectacular number of over 140K for Venom #150. We speculated how much of that bounce it would keep – and the answer is virtually none, as the first book to assume Legacy numbering drops down to 49K at #32. Still a strong number for a Venom book, which has been surprising for a while now. However, it’s not a good sign for less healthy books trying the renumbering game like this in the coming months.

A Marvel book showing impressive stability right out of the gate, though, is All-New Guardians of the Galaxy. The title had a surprisingly weak debut last month, and then dropped down to only 51K the same month. Well, this month it charts two issues at #31 and #34, selling just under 50K and 47K. That’s a very good sign for a book that seems to have gotten the best reception of any new Marvel ongoing in a while. There’s still a Guardians fanbase out there, despite the spinoff sales.

An odd, inexplicable 15K bump this month for Avengers, which goes from 30K last month (a shockingly low number) to 45K this month at #36. What’s puzzling is that this was the second issue of a fill-in arc by Unstoppable Wasp writer Jeremy Whitley, so the bump can’t even be attributed to the Secret Empire tie-in that began the next month.

Glenn:  I’d say the mystery bump for Avenger’s may have been due to a mistake last month more than anything.  Its always good to see increased sales but the Avenger’s brand is miles away from where it was.  Another one hoping the Legacy band aid will cure all.

Ray:  Wonder Woman #25, the conclusion of Greg Rucka’s acclaimed run, gets a 1K jump over the 24th issue. The run ends with a healthy number of 44K at #37, one of many DC books that got a lasting bump from Rebirth. Now comes a fill-in arc by Shea Fontana followed by James Robinson’s controversial run.


Glenn:  I guess the minimal bump shows that like Batman, retailers pretty much know where Wonder Woman is at a book and its a very good level considering the titles history in terms of sales.  Rucka will be a hard act to follow but its going to be very interesting to see how the industry reacts to a fill in and a new writer whose sales record lately has been spotty at best. I do have to question DC’s decisions regarding this book given the popularity of the movie.  Will they be wasting a lot of good faith in the coming months?

Ray:  Another surprising bump for a Marvel book. This time it’s the always popular Mighty Thor, jumping 7k to land at #41 with sales of 42K. This one has a potential reason, as it’s the debut of the War Thor, a major new player as Aaron’s run steams towards what’s promising to be a tragic conclusion.

Glenn:  Thor is also one of Marvel’s most critically acclaimed books.  It could just be increasing because its that damn good.  If Aaron is leaving as everything seems to suggest, I hope Marvel is making plans now for where to take this franchise next.  This could go down as one of the definitive Thor runs and the next creative team have big shoes to fill.

Ray:  Small but notable increases for SE tie-ins Deadpool (up 5K) and Captain America: Steve Rogers (up 4K) as they hit the main event. These tie-ins also have more variant covers than a standard issue, so that probably helps here. Still, not great for the book that most closely ties into the main event to not even crack 40K.

Justice League of America is just outside the top 50 with its second issue this month, but it’s also assuming the standard Rebirth routine of shedding less than 1K between issues in a month. Still, with sales of 37.5K for its second issue, the delta between it and the main JL book is increasing.

Also getting a slight boost this month is Doctor Strange, which goes up about 3K from its last issue to land at #58 with sales of 35K. The new creative team doesn’t seem to have hurt, but there’s going to be three creative teams on this book between now and November. Although newly announced regular writer Donny Cates is a massive talent (more on his wild ride in a bit), I wonder how much the rotating teams will impact this book before then.

Glenn:  As long as Cates sticks around for a fair bit, I can’t imagine anything but stability in the future for Doctor Strange, he seems to be this years Jeff Lemire in terms of ‘you can set your clock by him’ sales dependability.  Massive coo for Marvel to nab him and a property like Doctor Strange is a good place for him to cut his teeth in the MU.

Ray:  The power of Star Wars shines through again, with $4.99 one-shot Droids Unplugged selling just under 36K at #59. More impressive than it looks, because it’s all reprinted backups from #1 issues!

Glenn:  That’s an incredible number at that price for reprinted material.  This is also essentially a kids comic written and illustrated by the great Chris Eliopoulos.  This is just a tasty topping on top of the already very filling Star Wars cake that Marvel has been munching on for a while.  Mmmm, cake


Ray:  Meanwhile, Marvel’s still putting out some unambiguous disasters, and one is Iceman #1, which crashes on arrival, with the first issue selling 34K at #62. That’s 5K below where Unstoppable Wasp launched a few months back, and we’ve seen how it’s fallen from there. In case anyone had hopes for this to stabilize, the second issue tumbles down to #123 and sells 22K. Not a total crash, but it’s not sustainable at these numbers.

Glenn:  Given the X-Men franchise is not at its strongest, giving books to less prominent members of the team seems like a questionable idea.  Iceman has been around since the teams initial inception but is hardly someone capable of holding their own ‘ongoing’.  This one will be gone faster than the ice that’s melting in the heat outside.
Once again, Star Wars pulls off a win with the Poe Dameron annual selling less than 2k less than the regular issue at 67 with sales over 32.8k  That’s a strong performance for an annual by any measure and Marvel will have some Poe collection ready to go in time for Episode VIII this Christmas, just more added bonus for them.

Ray:  Given that this was a different creative team for Poe Dameron at a higher price point, that’s a really solid number. There’s some similarities between Star Wars and Rebirth, I think – they have a much more solid floor and a much smoother trajectory than anything else Marvel puts out.

Glenn:  I’m sad that the DC/Loony Toons books didn’t perform better as they were all hella fun and excellent stuff all around.  Such a bizarre concept may have made retailers cautious despite some of the talent involved.  Now, compared to how Loony Toons stuff usually sells, this is amazing stuff, especially with a 4.99 all around.  It really depends what DC expected out of it which is something known only to them.  The best selling of the bunch is of course Batman/Elmer Fudd at 70 with sales just under 32k.  This one has received massive praise so might get some serious reorders next month.  If you haven’t read any of these crossovers, this is the one to pick.  Next at Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil at 107 with sales over 24.3k.  Probably earning the silver medal due to the movie.  Next is Lobo/Road Runner earning bronze at 116 with sales over 22.5k.  This is likely due to the involvement of Kelly Jones.  The rest sold pretty closely together with Martian Manhunter/Marvin The Martian at 121 with sales over 22.2k, Legion/Bugs Bunny at 127 with sales over 21.4k and finally Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam at 131 with sales over 20k.  Again, it depends what DC expected but I’m hoping for more stuff like this from them in the future!

Ray:  This was just an oddball concept for a series of specials that took everyone by surprise with how good it was. Especially as the Hanna-Barbera one-shots definitely didn’t light the world on fire. I imagine there’s going to be a rush to reorder this Elmer Fudd special in particular, given just how good it turned out to be. But one I thing I notice about this was that four of the six specials were headlined by DC characters who don’t maintain their own series at the moment. Given that, books headlined by Lobo, Jonah Hex, Martian Manhunter and the  Legion, these didn’t do too badly. I hope they did well enough for us to get a second wave!

Glenn:  The second issue of Cable performs decently enough at over 31.5k.  Given the character has been absent from the spotlight for a few years, I’d say that is very good.  Of course, the writer is leaving but Ed Brisson is jumping on with the Legacy 150 renumbering of the book.  I don’t think we’ll be able to judge this one until after 151 or so.


Ray:  That’s a pretty harsh second issue slide for Cable, but with a soft relaunch coming after only one arc, it should probably last a little while longer. Marvel will have bigger fish to fry.

Glenn:  First new Secret Empire tie in slots in at 77 with sales over 30.8 k in the form of Secret Empire: Brave New World.  Not terrible but this is only the launch issue and the second issue drops way down to 126 with sales over 21.8k.  This doesn’t bode well for this particular title or the event as a whole but we’re not done in that regard quite yet.

Ray:  All these tie-ins are being treated as irrelevant side minis with no real importance to the main event, which…they kind of are? I don’t think any of them provide any essential information, and the titles are sort of confusing and generic, giving no real indication to the subject matter. Some of the tie-in regular titles have been getting small boosts for their first tie-in issue, but the minis are essentially DOA.

Glenn:  Mark Millar and Greg Capullo finish their Image title Reborn with a respectable performance at 80 with sales over 29.5k.  Delays likely hurt the momentum of this series a bit but its going off to the golden land of collections where that won’t matter much.  It seems Millar was happy enough to indicate we’ll be seeing a lot more of this universe in the future.  Time will tell if that includes Capullo but this is a good strong ending number none the less.


Next Secret Empire tie-in is Uncanny Avenger’s at 88 just over 27.2k sales.  Compared to last month that’s an increase of about 300 copies.  Yay?

Getting back to that Donny Cotes fellow, his new Aftershock title Babyteeth launches with an astonishingly good debut at 92 with sales over 26.5k  I believe if that’s not Aftershock’s highest launch it mush be close.  This guy has seemingly come out from nowhere and is taking the industry by storm, this is a brilliant debut by any standard in terms of a small indie company.  Hell this would be a strong debut by Image standards.

Ray:  I’m pretty sure that is the best numbers we’ve ever seen for Aftershock! And it’s by a guy who was barely on the scene six months ago. He’s now on two Marvel titles and has several indie books as well. His meteoric rise reminds me a lot of Scott Snyder’s at the moment.

Glenn:  Black Bolt’s second issue holds pretty stable at 94 with sales over 26.4k.  The writer has a large fan base outside of comics which might be helping but if the book can even manage 8k lower, I’d call that a win.

Ray:  Obviously, these aren’t great numbers for a Marvel second issue, but it’s a solid drop from the first issue of Black Bolt. If it levels out quickly, this could wind up being a Vision-like run, where it goes for a critically acclaimed twelve issues or until Saladin Ahmed is done with his story. Worth noting it’s also the top-selling book starring the Inhumans at the moments by a fair margin. 

Glenn:  Another Secret Empire tie-in with the title ‘United‘ manages sales over 26.3k at 95.  Not really much interest on this one at launch.  Why it sold around 4k less than Brave New World is hard to say.  If it drops the same as BNW did next month though…yeesh.

Solid hold for Bane Conquest which sells over 25k at 102.  This is a very good number for what is essentially a 90’s nostalgia maxi-series

Ray:  Yeah, Bane had a smooth landing with its second issue. The fact that Batman features prominently into this series probably helps it as well. As we saw way back with the New 52, a Bat-connection will almost always help a title survive longer than expected.

At #84 with 27K sakes, we see Aquaman #25, the debut of new artist Stepan Sejic, which lands nine spots and 1K in sales above #24. The book is going monthly now to meet Sejic’s schedule, so this feels like a title that will definitely benefit long term from its anniversary issue.

Deathstroke slips out of the top 100 this month, at #104, but there were a lot of new launches and tie-ins. It’s still rock-solid at just under 25K. To compare it, the 20th issue of Deathstroke outsold the 4th issue of Iron Fist.

Glenn:  Deathstroke is a critical darling and is selling better than the characters book usually does.  It isn’t going anywhere as long as Priest is on the book I’d expect.  Its interesting how this books performance has made him the writer to work with once more.

Ray:  Another new SE tie-in, Underground, at #106 with 24K. One might say these sales are underground! Oh ho ho ho ho ho.

I was a bit surprised to see Tim Seeley’s Steve Trevor special only chart at #109 with sales of 24K, the month of the WW movie. But I also didn’t see all that much promotion for it. Maybe a bit of a missed opportunity for DC.

Glenn:  Steve Trevor is hardly an iconic supporting character the likes of Alfred or Jimmy Olson and they’d struggle too in this market.  Pretty decent sales for what it is and that is probably just because of the movie more than anything else.

Ray:  In terms of annuals NOT matching the performance of the parent title, the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual sells 23K at #111, less than half of the parent title. But then, it was a completely different creative team and a Secret Empire tie-in. All the Guardians satellite books (see I Am Groot right below it) are doing really poorly, and this was treated like one of them.

Glenn:  Like you said earlier, time to let the Guardians take a breather.  Their main book is still light years ahead of what a Guardians book would be capable of prior to their popularization in the MCU so Marvel should be putting their resources to better use with that in mind.

Ray:  There’s a whole lot of Marvel books crashing very quickly, especially in the X-men line. Both Jean Grey (#114, 23K) and Generation X (#120, 22K) are already out of the top 100 with their third issues, sandwiched in between DC books a year in. I mean, for Zod’s sake, it took Gwenpool seventeen issues to sink to this level, and she’s a meme posing as a character!

Glenn:  Those are some poor numbers for the latest batch of Marvel’s titles.  They’ve got their next attempt to right the ship coming up shortly but all the tricks they’ve tried so far have come up short thus far and I don’t sense Legacy will change their fortunes any. I’d advise fans of Jean Gray and Generation X not to get attached.

Ray:  Redneck, another book by Donny Cates, continues to lock down on the charts, with its third issue selling 22K at #124. This is the fourth highest selling Image book this month, with the others being written by Kirkman, Millar, and Vaughn.


Strong debut for Valiant for their Harbinger sequel “Secret Weapons”, at #125 with sales just under 24K. This book had the benefit of having an Oscar-nominated writer on board, so I imagine it’s going to be one of their all-time best sellers in trade as well.

Glenn:  Wonderful sales for Valient who are making some headway in the market outside of their usual small but dependable audience.  Its not serious momentum yet but its definitely a start.

Ray:  I was a little surprised to see Gail Simone and Cat Staggs’ Crosswind only sell 21K at #128. This will undoubtedly do well in trade, but it feels like Gail’s star has dimmed a bit in the comic world. Maybe because it’s been years since she worked on a big two property with name recognition, instead preferring to stick to offbeat and creator-owned books. Still, she has a very loyal fanbase and this will probably be very steady.

Glenn:  I agree with both your points.  Its been a good bit since Gail wrapped up her last big DC work and she’s been working on smaller and creator owned properties since.  Still, few creators have the goodwill Gail has so this title will be fine for as long as she wants it to run I’m sure.  Compared to the usual Image launches by lesser known creators, this is still very good.

Ray:  A strong debut for one of my favorite Image launches in a while – Shirtless Bear-Fighter! This bizarre, vaguely obscene comic about a wilderness man who fights evil bear invasions manages to sell 18.7K at #134. A decent debut for any Image book without a big name attached, but one as weird as this? Let’s hope this starts a trend!

Glenn:  Shirtless Bear-fighter has really gotten a lot of buzz about it so I could see it either settling very fast or getting some increases in the months to come.  Its one of those concepts thats so silly it has to be awesome.  Good for Image for taking a risk on something a little more quirky, it could very well pay off for them.

Ray:  That book actually outsold Sam Wilson’s book in the middle of the big Captain America event. Womp womp.

Glenn:  Poor Sam, he is not in the best position at all for his new ongoing to take flight (get it, get it) and will likely be shoved in the supporting character cupboard before early next year.

Ray:  Another Marvel movie, another wave of these $1 “True Believer” reprints, this time for Spider-man. The top charting one is Amazing Spider-man at #136, giving Marvel 18K worth of easy sales.

Glenn:  I just wonder which Amazing Spider-Man 1 it is, there’s like four now.  I’m personally hoping for the one featuring the Scorpion attacking Peter’s work when a new Spider-Man shows up to save the day!  Don’t look at me like that, that’s what Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 had as its first issue!

Ray:  The absurdly delayed Adam Hughes Betty & Veronica series wraps up its three issue run at #140 with sales of 17K. Not a harsh drop, so I’m guessing Hughes’ art still has some solid fans. Rumor is a lot of things are up in the air with Archie, though, especially given this month’s big news (more on that a bit further down).

Glenn:  Not a disaster and yeah, Hughes doing interiors will definitely get some buzz, even if they take a while.  I’m sure Archie wanted more from this series though but that’s the dice you roll when you get someone like Hughes on board.  Latest announcements and solicitations show them making some…odd publishing decisions coming up so this title will likely left behind (not that its really expected to continue anyway).  The upcoming Harley and Ivy vs Betty and Veronica will make a lot more impact I’m sure.

Ray:  Lots more Marvel books crashing, with Luke Cage, Royals, and Rocket barely making the top 150 and all selling in the 17K range. Two of these are on their second issue and have major MCU presence, and the third is the flagship Inhumans book. Clearly, still a lot of work to be done at Marvel.

Glenn:  Not much more without sounding mean(er) at Marvel’s sales woes currently.  There’s so many fires that need put out its unbelievable.  It might be more sensible to watch the fire, have some marshmallows and then start over from the beginning at this point.

Ray:  Remember Divided States of Hysteria? How could you forget? This is probably a case of more people angry about a book than actually read it, because #1 lands at #147 with sales of 16K. Chaykin is a cult creator and always sells relative low in singles, so this isn’t a huge surprise, but we’ll have to see if the controversy gets it a bounce in coming months.

Glenn:  There’s been a lot of talk about this book for all the reasons.  Will that mean some sales buzz in a few months?  We’ll see but yeah this is pretty standard for now for a comic written and drawn by Chaykin.  He’s an acquired taste to say the least and Image will know that.

Ray:  Bitch Planet, a moderately successful Image book (essentially Orange is the New Black in space) gets an anthology spin-off this month, Bitch Planet Triple feature. It has a decent debut at #151 with sales of 15.5K. A friend of ours, Marc Deschamps, has a story in the September issue, so make sure to check it out!

Glenn:  Go Marc!  For a spin-off comic featuring different creators I would say that’s a very good performance.  Hopefully there’s some talented folks that get some exposure with their talent being featured on an Image title that seems to have a decent built in audience.


Ray:  God Country wraps up its run with sales of 15.3K at #153. A bit of a harsh drop to end the run, but this book is considered a new Image master piece, and with its creator’s insane rise, it’ll go on to do gangbusters in collections for years to come.

Dynamite’s been putting out a lot of these #0 issues for low cover prices, and they have another one at #160 – this one a revival of Ash vs. the Army of Darkness. Most of these titles have lost a lot of sales when they resume normal pricing, so this issue’s sales of 14.5K don’t give it a lot of breathing room.

Glenn:  Dynamite has had the Evil Dead property for as long as I can remember.  Retailers will probably know where its level is and who is coming in to buy it.  This is better than those books tend to do likely because some retailers saw the price and thought ‘eh, why not?’  I doubt it’ll make much impact and its not going to take anyone by surprise but Dynamite will know what to expect.

Ray:  Hey, there’s Gwar: Orgasmageddon at #164! 14K sales. Orgasmageddon. I got nothing. Glenn?

Glenn:  I can’t believe I’ve had to put this into Google…I’ve read the description and I still don’t know what this is.  14k for anything that has orgasm in the title is cause for celebration I’d say.  Let us never speak of it again.
The Man-Thing mini by R.L. Stine finishes at 166 with sales over 13.6k.  I don’t think that’s too shabby for a different, very quirky take on what is a niche character to start with.  What Marvel likely has their eye on with this book is the bookstores and people picking this up because of Stine’s name and thinking its a new Goosebumps thingey so these sales are ultimately inconsequential.

Ray:  The fact that there’s a new Goosebumps series at IDW instead of Marvel makes me think both sides realized Marvel isn’t the place for Stine’s stuff right now, even if he still has good relations with Disney. Watch Disney and IDW getting closer and closer. That might stealth be the biggest story in comics right now.

Glenn:  With James Robinson seemingly hopping over to DC, I doubt much effort will be made to save Nick Fury which will be shuffled off shortly with its catastrophic sales.  It at 174 this month selling over 12.6k, barely outselling the oddest crossover ever.

Ray:   I believe Nick Fury was left off the Legacy lineup, along with a few other titles like Rocket and Wasp, so look for it to be quietly shuffled off into the night soon.

Glenn:  Speaking of which at 175 is KISS/Vampirella launching with sales over 12.6k.  This looks like the result of a challenge to draw two random properties out of a hat and make a crossover comic.  Sales are grand for the oddness this is.

Ray:  It seems to be the month for old rock bands to have moderately successful comics. At the very least, I salute Dynamite’s commitment to the weird right now.

Glenn:  I remember you giving Kill The Minotaur from Image a glowing review on Rabbitt Stew (dong), Ray.  It seems to have a pretty good debut at 182 with sales over 12.1k.  A little above the usual level of non-big name Image launches I think so this will probably have a solid hold and a hold for as long as the creators want.


Ray:  Yeah, this was a fantastic book (and the second issue was just as good), but this is an Image title with no name creators attached. Unless the book explodes in buzz right away like God Country did, these are fine numbers for a debut like this.

Glenn:  Despite selling just a shade over 12k at 184 with its third issue, Marvel has faith in Monsters Unleashed to carry it into Legacy.  We know now that Marvel can be stubborn to give up on something they wanted to be a thing that wasn’t a thing.  Soon to be completely forgotten despite the upcoming Legacy medikit I’d say.

Ray:  Like Moon Girl, they may be hoping this finds its audience elsewhere. Unlike Moon Girl, I don’t think it’s happening.

Glenn:  Its only a mini but Zombies Assemble at 186 with sales over 11.8k from Marvel shows that no one was really eager to see the return of the fad that was Marvel Zombies from a decade or so ago. It shows up again at 202 for issue 3 with sales over 10.5k so I don’t see Marvel rolling out their undead again any time soon. Its priced at 4.99 which will help keep the balance sheets looking better but this could be really any zombie comic from any company at the moment.

Ray:  This is an oversized comic reprinting a black-and-white Japanese manga featuring the Marvel Zombies, so it’s definitely a niche property.

Glenn:  Ah, I didn’t remember it was a reprint and now I recall the controversy regarding how it was printed.  That’s fine numbers for something like that, for sure.

Just a few units below it is the second issue of Bug: The Adventures Of Forager at 187.  I thought maybe the Allreds might have got a bit more but very good none the less for a mini starring a very obscure character from the New Gods.  The Young Animal line seems to have settled into a steady ‘Much better than Vertigo‘ holding pattern on average.

Ray:  Yeah, Young Animal is still decent for what it is, but apparently it’s getting a shake-up soon – crossing over with the DCU and cutting back to two titles temporarily. I’m curious to see where it goes from here, but this means my dream of Loma Shade on the Teen Titans is alive.

Glenn:  I’m not sure who that is!  Exposing the Young Animal books to a larger audience is a double edged sword.  It could get it a lot more interest or lose some of the main titles their momentum.  Either way, it seems DC want to get more eyes on this line, even if they’re scaling it back.

Aftershock continues to roll out new content by familiar names, this time in the form of *coughs* Jimmy’s Bastards by fellow Northern Irishman, Garth Ennis.  It sells at 192 with sales over 11.6k.  Its been a while since Ennis did anything outside of creator owned and very niche properties for the big two so his drawing power will have diminished but this is still a good number for Aftershock and Ennis is one of those creators that will have a steady fanbase due to his past work.

Ray:  Ennis and Braun are a pretty well-known creative team, but like Simone, Ennis’ star has faded as he worked on more obscure books for a while. It’s still a pretty solid launch for Aftershock, although nowhere near the level of their other launch this month, Babyteeth. It’s classic Ennis and may stabilize quickly.

Glenn:  Right below it at 193 is a new comic from Steve Niles, a mini called Winnebago Graveyard selling 11.6k on the button.  Niles is another creator whose had big success in the past but its been a while.  Pretty much the same case as Ennis where fans of his work will always be there to support his work.  With this only being 4 issues long, I’m sure Image will be happy enough.

Ray:  Niles, like Ennis, is a cult creator with a well-known fanbase. Image didn’t seem to promote this miniseries much, though, which might explain the low numbers compared to things like Divided States and Minotaur.

Glenn:  Randomly, Dynamite launches a new Mighty Mouse comic at over 11.4k at 195.  This is a character I barely remember from my childhood so I’d call this a win.  It also manages to outsell this months issue of Kingpin from Marvel.  Mighty Mouse prevails over injustice once more!


Ray:  Virtually all the old childhood cartoons are getting comics these days. Can Dino Riders be far behind? If so, I will be first in line. 
The bottom of the Rebirth listing looks the same this month, with New Super-Man, Blue Beetle, and Cyborg making up the bottom three and Blue Beetle pulling away from Cyborg a bit. Cyborg is still selling just over 12K copies, which is well above the floor of Marvel books lately. However, we’ve gotten word that Blue Beetle might be ending with #18 early next year, so I’d expect a few more including Cyborg to go with it.

Glenn:  I’d expect Cyborg to get a bit of a push with his spot in Justice League coming out (as of this typing) soon.  DC don’t tend to really stick with things that aren’t working though so its hard to say.  It could be argued that not every member of the team need their own ongoing (which currently they do)

Ray:  Worth noting that it looks like Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is about to dip under 10K (#199, 10.9K). This has always been a cult book, but the numbers on some of Marvel’s mainstays are getting genuinely scary. I assume digital and trades will keep this one alive indefinitely, though. It just won an Eisner, too.

Glenn:  Squirrel Girl seems to have a small but passionate fanbase.  I would say it probably does well in other forms, I can’t imagine its going anywhere soon despite its low performance.

Ray:  Royal City finally seems to have stabilized a bit, losing less than 1K copies from last month at #203. This is clearly a book that will do most of its business in trades, but I’m glad to see a little more solid footing.

Archie seems to have kept its small boost from the start of the Over the Edge story, landing at #204 with sales of 10.5K as it gains a few hundred more copies. This week’s issue revealed that the status quo in Riverdale is not going back to normal any time soon, so we’ll see how it holds as the new storyline begins. Expect some reorders on #22 next month, as well.

Cullen Bunn’s latest horror comic, The Unsound from Boom, has an acceptable debut of 9.7K at #215. I’m sure this would have been a lot higher at Image or even Dark Horse, as he has a pretty solid fanbase by now, but given that we saw titles by rising writers like Tynion and Orlando barely limp into the top 300 from Boom, this are perfectly decent numbers for a five-issue miniseries. It sells roughly the same as the second issue of his new Image title, Regression, for the record.

The My Little Pony movie prequel from IDW sells just over 9K copies at #226. I’m clearly not the audience here, but I’m a bit surprised that I’ve seen nothing for the movie. I couldn’t avoid Boss Baby for months. I nearly went mad as a result. This, though? I never would have known there was a movie coming out in a few months, and I doubt many retailers did either.

Glenn:  There’s a My Little Pony movie?  I think this article might be the most exposure that’s gotten so yeah, no wonder this slipped under the radar.

Ray:  The first spin-off from Sovereigns, the surprisingly excellent Magnus, has a muted debut at #227 with 8.8K. I don’t think the Gold Key characters can sustain solo titles yet, and this likely bodes ill for Turok’s own spinoff in a few months.

Brian Wood’s creator-owned series Briggs Land returns with a new miniseries, Lone Wolves at #233 (8.3K), which is roughly the same level the title was selling in its first volume. I assume retailers just treated it like a continuation rather than a new series.

It’s not quite on the level of, say, Solo or Mosaic, but two of Marvel’s younger skewing books are hitting apocalyptic numbers in singles. Unstoppable Wasp (#237, 8K) is just going away shortly, while Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (#240, 7.7K) should really consider going to digests exclusively.

Glenn:  Marvel is really sticking with Moon Girl, she’s nearly as unkillable as Deadpool in regards to her books status.  Obviously Marvel knows something we don’t but even considering that, they are probably better moving the title to another format for its main release cause at this rate it may drop out of the charts entirely before next February or so.

Ray:  Dynamite’s clever video game based series Swordquest returns after it’s 25-cent zero issue with sales of 7.6K at #241. I believe the first issue was considered an incentive and didn’t chart, but these are certainly low numbers. Maybe the property is a bit too obscure to have a solid fanbase today?

Glenn:  The Swordquest story is something that is really only known to die hard gamers.  Its an interesting story but its not really one thats going to appeal to many that don’t know the story already or are particularly interested in video games (old ones at that).  We’ve seen in the past video game tie-ins are low performers and while this isn’t, its still pretty close.  Might just fade away with little impact this one despite its intriguing concept.

Ray:  The Rai one-shot “History of the Valiant Universe” lands at #243 with sales of 7.6K. I’m thinking that even though it was actually its own narrative, it sounded like a sourcebook issue and was ordered like one. Valiant needs to be a little clearer with its titles at times to get them to reach their full potential, but they’ve had some big wins this month already.

I was a little surprised to see Clue, which launched from IDW with a host of incentives and variants including a gimmick that made people buy multiple copies to get the full range of clues, land at #249 with sales of just under 7.2K. Maybe another property that skews a bit too old to really catch on, but that’s still really low. IDW’s bread and butter remains action figure tie-ins, it seems.

Glenn:  A comic based of a classic board game is probably a bit of an oddity.  It probably won’t appeal to people looking for something in the mystery genre and even the books light hearted tone is not clear in the title or the concept.  The two creators aren’t familiar to me so they’re probably happy enough but this is one that hasn’t made much impact in the charts.

Ray:  As we head out of the top 250, there’s an interesting entry at #251 with 7.1K, and that’s Archie’s Marvel Comics Digest: Amazing Spider-Man, a collection of old Spider-man stories collected in the form of an Archie Comics newsstand digest for $6.99 for well over 200 pages. Given that this isn’t directed towards the direct market at all, the fact that it made it on these charts is impressive. Further indication that Disney is looking away from the comic book company they actually own to promote their characters.

Glenn:  Its odd to see a collection in the monthly charts but here we are.  This is great stuff for reprinted material and stuff like this is going to provide Archie a solid footing outside the market.  Easy money for both companies.

Frank Tieri’s Pestilence is at 253 with sales just over 7k with its second issue.  Tieri was never a big a name as Ennis or Gail so the rule that applies to them about their brand diminishing applies for him more so.  Pretty standard performance for Aftershock with regards to how their books usually sell.

254 is a Loony Toons 100 page spectacular priced at 7.99 and also is just over 7k in sales.  Given that this was likely produced for outside the market sales, that’s a very good number at that price given its Loony Toons.  Perhaps some retailers thought customers would be in a Loony mood after the DC one shots this month.

Ray:  I believe this Looney Tunes special was a reprint of the first crossover mini from a decade ago, transporting the DC heroes into the Looney Tunes world. It never got much attention, unlike this month’s crossovers, so this is a pretty decent number for a reprint.

Glenn:  I don’t recall WWE’s many attempts to dip their toes into the comic world lasting as well as the current comic from boom is doing.  Six issues in and it sells over 6.8k at 255.  Its not going to have anyone rolling in green but given the history of wrestling comics, that’s very good that its even still charting.

Eternal Empires second issue lands at 262 with sales 6.5k.  This is probably the base fanbase for the Luna’s work I’d say.  Decent enough for a mini but nothing to write home about.

Ray:  Eternal Empire should be selling more, so consider this an official By The Numbers plug!

Glenn:  September Mourning Vol. 1 is an odd sounding book from Image which sounds more like a collection that a single issue comic.  It sells 267 with sales over 6.3k.  I don’t recognize any of the names attached and retailers may have just ordered it thinking it was some sort of really cheap collection.

Ray:  Yeah, September Mourning was essentially the first three issues of a mini that will never finished packaged into a mini-trade format. And apparently it was a music tie-in? Just another oddball Top Cow project that made no waves sales-wise.

Glenn:  At 268 is a 25th anniversary reprint of Spawn with a bunch of fancy cover gimmicks along to celebrate.  It sells over 6.3k too which is perfectly fine for the book that first put Image on the map but is now long past its prime.

Kull Eternal which seems like a sort of tie-in to an existing series of novels or comics or something is a new title from IDW at 269 with sales also around 6.3k.  I’m not familiar with this property so this is probably for the die hard fans only and retailers taking a chance on what they probably thought was a new property from a comic company whose strength’s aren’t in new properties.

Ray:  I remember seeing a Kull movie when I was a teenager. It wasn’t good. This is the first time I’ve thought about Kull since then, and it seems like I’m not alone, given these sales. Maybe just a bit too obscure a property for IDW to sell.


Glenn:  Celebrate Zombie Tramp rentering the charts at 276 with sales just under 6k!  This book really either zigzags in sales a lot or doesn’t always hit an issue a month.  Always good to see Zombie Tramp either way.

Ray:  Zombie Tramp! Official mascot of By the Numbers.*

*We wish

Glenn:  A new comic from Black Mask called Beautiful Canvas at 278 with sales over 5.8k.  Pretty standard for a Black Mask launch now their new books seem to enter the charts frequently.  As usual, they’re probably thrilled when a book charts at all.

Ray:  Yeah, these are typical numbers for a Black Mask title without any big names attached. However, they have a comic coming up the next month, Calexit, that seems to be getting some serious buzz for its controversial subject matter. We’ll see how high it can get on the charts.

Glenn:  A curious one from Marvel in Vision: Directors Cut 1 at 279 with sales over 5.7k.  This is a reprint of the first two issues of the now Eisner winning super critically acclaimed Vision series by DC superstar, Tom King.  Marvel knows that people loved this book but it didn’t sell but before they send it off to collection heaven, they have decided to release six of these ‘Director Cut’ issues that also feature extra material from the creators.  Given that the collection of this book will do well for years and years, this seems like a ridiculously clever way for Marvel to sell the book in an extra format prior to that stage.  It seems that sometimes, critical acclaim does count for something.

Ray:  DC’s actually been doing similar things to the Vision Director’s Cut with a few comics, including DKIII. Seems like it’s a limited appeal for completists, but I can’t object to getting Vision in more hands. A brilliant comic.

Glenn:  Jem and the Holograms: Infinite is apparently a Jem crossover from IDW selling over 5.6k at 280.  This is hyped as a major crossover between Jem and Misfits and NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME.  The Marvel like hype doesn’t seem to have worked as this seems to have been ordered for the die hard Jem fan only.

The obligatory new Transformers comic from IDW this month is Transformers: Salvation, a 7.99 one shot at 289 selling over 5.1k.  This sells a good bit lower than the standard Transformers comic, possibly due to the price but it seems that retailers and fans didn’t seem to think this one was worth checking out.

Ray:  We’ve been seeing more and more $7.99 specials from IDW and Boom lately. I don’t know the exact size of some of them, but it’s a disturbing trend. Price creep shouldn’t be encouraged. We don’t want Marvel getting any ideas.

Glenn:  At 299 is the first issue of a Girl With The Dragon Tattoo adaption from Titan selling just under 5k.  That’s not too bad I’d say given the popularity of the novel, the fact that there’s been two film adaptions and DC did an ogn adapting this under Vertigo.  Not sure why Titan is adapting this again but its decent enough considering anyone buying it would be likely be a fan wanting it in a fifth format.

Ray:  Titan does a ton of these adaptations, many directly from TV or movies. They’re all for niche audiences, but they seem to be building market share through quantity as much as anything else.

Glenn:  Speaking of Vertigo, last book at 300 this month is Savage Things at over 4.7k.  Let us all wave goodbye to Savage Things as it leave the charts.

Ray:  Well…Vertigo said at SDCC they have some big things coming? And Justin Jordan is on good terms with DC, because he was just announced as doing the new book Brimstone. So everyone’s happy here, even as Vertigo continues to disappear.

Glenn:  We may have gotten over our Loony month but it seems like the months ahead are due to be just as crazy

Ray:  It’s another big month coming up, but in certain ways the calm before the storm, especially at DC. We’ve got the second part of Dark Days, The Casting, which had huge implications for several major character and should get a lot of reorders given the announcements at SDCC which spin out of it. Beyond that, we’ve got a new but short run on Wonder Woman, a Legion of Super-Heroes crossover with Batman ’66, and a new Vertigo miniseries from acclaimed screenwriter John Ridley. But for the most part, it should be business as usual at DC.

Over at Marvel, Secret Empire is still going…well, not strong, but it’s certainly going. Lots of tie-ins and two more issues of the main series. The headliner release of the month is undoubtedly the start of Charles Soule’s new Astonishing X-Men series, which will have A-list artist Jim Cheung on the first issue. There’s also the much-hyped new miniseries “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe“, plus the heavily hyped Spider-Men II from Bendis and Pichelli. Plus, Edge of Venomverse continues with…Gwevenompool. Help us.

Image is bringing us a new Lazarus spin-off co-written by Rucka, as well as the quirky supernatural romantic comedy Moonstruck, and the oversized debut issue of the horror comic Sacred Creatures. Plus, there’s the #0 issue of the return of Mage!

Indie’s got a few interesting debuts this month too. We’ll get some interesting #1s for IDW, including Ron Marz’s Dread Gods, the horror throwback Diablo House, and the time-travel winery dramedy Time and Vine. Valiant promises a game-changing death in Harbinger: Renegades, and Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot get a spin-off in Bloodshot’s Day Off. Dynamite continues to bring us oddball adaptations, with debuts based on Centipede and Bettie Page. And both Archie and Boom are bringing us some throwback comics with “Your Pal Archie” and “Go Go Power Rangers” supplementing the recent reboots. Plus, we’ll see which smaller companies can break into the top three hundred with buzz-worthy debuts!

Until next month, loyal readers!


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