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Review: Comichaus #6

I remember the very first time I picked up Epic Illustrated and how cool I thought it was. My Dad did not want me to read Heavy Metal magazine, because he thought it was crazy like the movie, and looking back he was right to some respect. This is where I first read Silver Surfer before he went on his galaxy trotting adventures in the Marvel Universe. He was a completely different character then, a much more serious figure that felt more like X-O Manowar of Valiant Universe, than his current incarnation.

There was something beautiful about how all thee creators brought their A game, and wrote stories like they had nothing to lose at the same time. In the sixth issue of their anthology, each creator reminds me of those writers/illustrators in Epic Illustrated, as thy thrive to write stories to evoke emotion. In the new installment, of Chalk, we get to see Jacqueline utilizing her full powers and up to no good, kind of like in the TV show, Angel, when he was Angelus. In the latest installment of Feather, Doug makes a promise to Sally, as each finds peace in their purpose and their eternal separation.

In Mandy the Monster Hunter, we get to see Mandy in action, as her training and instincts kick in full gear, as she destroys one monsters and recruit help to fight another. In MIA, a new story, a pair of hired guns, breakup an arms deal, which goes sideways quickly. In Cold, as our couple struggles to find a way out, the spirits within, leave a scary surprise, one that leaves them scarred. In Tipples I Time, a family gets transported back in time to the Old West but gets a little more, not only cowboys but also giant aliens.

Overall, all the new stories introduced has made this anthology series more than one to watch. The stories contained within, continue to get better. The art makes black and white panels look beautiful. Altogether, a great issue, where the reader finds a new reason to buy the next issue.

Story: Steven Horry, Dave Cook, Matt Warner, Chris Robertson, Simon Birks, Jimmy Furlong
Art: Catia Fantini, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Vincent Hunt, Richard MacRae, Lyndon White, Andrew Hartmann
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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