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Review: Kiss of the Demoness

Attraction is a funky thing, as you never know who you will fall for and when. People spend their whole lives looking for that one. Then there are those who look but have a million things that they don’t want in their partner. I have a few friends who have a bunch of deal breakers when it comes to someone they would date.

The reality is, the rules of attraction, don’t really follow, because in my experience, and most of my friends’ experiences, they usually fall for the one person who was never their type. I think that is why the world is so obsessed with “shipping”, as we see the chemistry between two characters, and writers write fanfic to explore that. TV shows have been doing it for years, flirting with the audiences’ hearts, as they forge certain relationships and deny others. In Kiss of the Demoness, two characters constant flirtation turns into a somewhat obsession.

In this short story, we meet Mal and Viv, a demoness and a human, who help each other out from time to time., by trading money for a kiss. The catch is every time Mal kisses Viv, she falls asleep. This puts Mal in a conundrum as it becomes more than a transaction for her, it becomes an attraction. By the end of the story, our characters do find love.

Overall, an exceptional story, which will challenge your notions of where a story is going to go. The story by Gillian Pascasio is beautiful and smart. The art by Pascasio really soars, as both characters illuminate these panels. Altogether, a fun sweet story that will have you thinking about your first crush.

Story: Gillian Pascasio Art: Gillian Pascasio
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy