Review: Destiny, NY

We as human beings are pressed upon by society to have goals and think about our future. These things become expectations and when you don’t achieve these expectations or exceed them, then one des feel like a disappointment. There are many words to describe this path to your achievement but one usually is used, is potential. Potential in human beings are hard to assess, as no one really knows how far you can go.

Regret and Reminiscing takes place, when these don’t occur, as age only compounds the anxiety with not reaching your full potential. I bring up all these elements within the psyche of reaching your potential, to think of it within a magical world. How interesting of a story, it could have been, if Harry Potter never went to Hogwarts but still possessed magic or if Quentin Coldwater had not gone to Brakebills? A variation of this scenario is explored in Destiny, NY, where magic is real and accepted.

The readers are introduced to Logan McBride, who as a child was part of a prophecy, and just like many child stars, they are forgotten, burn out or excel, and the reader gets to find out exactly which one she is within the first few pages. What follows are characters who would otherwise be outcasts in other stories be the normal part of society in this one, a refreshing take that drives the story in beautiful twisted directions that other writers would petrified to take. We follow Logan, as  she works the class system within Destiny University’s school for Prophecy Kids and a Lilith, a hardened outcast whose family, is actually trying to kill her .By the end of the first story arc, the school is a little bit more connected than one would ever believe and as a bonus, the reader gets treated to some mini-stories involving some of the main characters.

Overall, an excellent book, which far outshines most stories with supernatural settings, and the fact that LGBTQ and includes people of color. The story by Pat Shand is complex, seamless and is by far the best fantasy storytelling I have read in a while. The art by Manuel Preitano is elegant, detailed, and lifelike. Altogether, this is type of book the world needed yesterday as this shows a world where magic and realistic relationships exist in the same world.

Story: Pat Shand Art: Manuel Preitano
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy