Review: Liar

I remember years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I took a college class at night one semester. I was the only one my age there and everyone was older, not only college age but also beyond that. There was on woman I met, who was in her 30s, one night me and her end up having a conversation, at a pizzeria near the school. She pretty much told me her whole history of trials and tribulations that lead her to going back to school at her age.

The main takeaway from that conversation I got, was life is unpredictable and finding your place in the world is harder than one would ever imagine.  She never once held anything back, about how hard anything was and how her kids really did not appreciate what she was doing. Years later, I went through my own mini crisis of conscience, as I was getting gout of the military, and did not know if I could adapt to civilian life, then for a moment, realized how much more difficult it was for her. So, when I read Liar, it brought me back to that question of finding one’s place in this world.

In the story we meet, Chepi, a magical outcast from the human world, who is forbidden from any contact with humans. This is until he meets Janek, who he clearly has a strong attraction to. In this prelude comic, the reader is invited to find out how magical Chepi, as his power over plants and flowers are on full display. By the end, if the issue, Janek calls Chepi on his unassuming nature, which Janek soon realizes he can’t hide.

Overall, an excellent story that uses botany in the most interesting and alluring of ways that only sequential art can fully realize. The story by Hari Conner is uses setting in the most stimulating fashion, while realistically showing attraction at its most primal. The art by Conner is striking, alluring, sensitive to the characters and engaging to look at. Altogether, a great introduction to this story and these characters, that will no doubt leave the reader ensconced in this beautiful world.

Story: Hari Conner Art: Hari Conner
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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