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Review: Comichaus #5

When it comes to creating something new, creators have hard time letting go of their influences completely. Most cannot, as this is the very reason they get into comic books in the first place, as what they enjoy is usually what they write/draw. So, to ask a creator to be completely free of their inspirations, is truly impossible. The creators at ComicHaus, have created some powerful evocative stories, that only get better with each issue.

These creators, prove to the reader, that they can be challenged on a range of emotions. In the fifth issue of their anthology, three new stories begin, while the others propel forward. In the new installment, of Chalk, Jacqueline’s promise years ago comes back to find her in a precocious position. In the latest installment of Feather, Doug finds himself in between who he has become and saving his family who is part of the resistance against the Paradiso army, an army of angels.

In Mandy the Monster Hunter, a new story, we meet a strong female protagonist, who follows clues to recent sighting only to meet the couple who reported it. In Troubleshooters, our heroes try to reason with Sergio’s daughter, who has her own vendetta, against the bandit who killed her fiancée.  In Cold, a new story, a couple wonders a house, and receives a rather frosty surprise. In The Plague, a new story, a child mistakenly writes a science fiction story when he should have written a research paper.

Overall, an outstanding issue in this marvelous anthology. The stories all get better while the new stories carry the spirit, while adding different spices. The art is always appealing. Altogether, a great issue, where the reader finds some new characters in the playground.

Story: Steven Horry, Dave Cook, Matt Warner, Simon Banks, Aaron Walther, Tom Ward, James Andrew Clark
Art: Catia Fantini, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Vincent Hunt, Lyndon White, Enzo Pertile
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy