Review: Damned: Vampire Monks of Piyang #1

When it comes to superpowered individuals, or as comics, call the, “meta-humans,” they are portrayed just a degree from each other, depending on what publishing house you are talking about. In the DC Universe, an extinction level event, gave some of their heroes their powers. In the Marvel Universe, it was little more sinister, more out of mutation and experimentation. In the Dakota Universe, the heroes of Milestone Comics, came to their powers through a combination those varying circumstances.

This concept has been further explored in two different shows from the big 2, incidentally. In the Flash TV show, Barry Allen, and his rogue gallery has gotten their powers from an ELE in Central City. In Agents of SHIELD, human experimentation has created the multitude of meta humans the agency has had to fight since its inception. In the ever-expanding world of Chariot Comics, form India, they are doing their own take on meta humans, first in the series, VRICA. Now, they are doing it in their version, of what seems like Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong, in the comic, aptly named, Damned.

In this debut issue, the reader is introduced to Anga and Morphuz, an odd couple, who seems to hate each other as much as they need each other. They are on their way to Piyang China, to bring back, Karki, another meta human/old god, who has power over time. Along the way, the titular creatures guard her, to which Anga and Morphuz, show their true powers by issue’s end, our protagonists accomplished their mission, but not before they run into some very familiar characters from another part of this universe.

Overall, a fun issue that reminds me of the crazier supernatural Kung Fu movies that the Shaw Brothers did in the latter part of 1970s while also evoking scenes from Justin Cronin books. The story by Aniruddho Chakraborty is funny, derisive, action packed and will leave you enamored with these characters. The art by Tarun Kumar Sahu andTadam Gayadu is impressive and striking. Altogether, a fun introduction to a set of characters, will go down in the pantheon of irreverent duos.

Story: Aniruddho Chakraborty Art: Tarun Kumar Sahu and Tadam Gayadu
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy