Review: Kahlil #5

Murphy’s law, says “what can happen, will happen,” which leaves one to ponder what does one really have control of? As it seems nothing. There are variables, that you have control of, which mostly means your actions. Then there are independent variables, where you hope things work out, and faith may play a part as in divine providence. Then there are people, like your children, who you hope they listen to you, but ultimately, they will do what they believe is best.

One can ponder how does this work in the world of superheroes, where one may believe free will exist, but if Batman Vs Superman, attempted to teach their audience, it is more complicated. Do any of the villains in Batman’s rogues gallery ever learn from their wicked ways? Does Superman’s constant conversations with Lex Luthor, yield any positive change in his way of thinking? These questions are somewhat asked and answered in the latest issue of Kahlil.

In Kahlil #5, we pick up right where the last issue left off, where a bomber was about to blow up a busy marketplace in Karachi.  At the same time, his family is at the same marketplace, where his father is wanting to buy his mother a gift for Eid.  When Kahlil realizes the bomber is about detonate the bomb, he leaps into action, destroying which leads the bomber into believing Allah has given him a second chance. By issue’s end, the reader finds out not everyone made it out safe as a casualty affects them all.

Overall, an excellent installment in what is very appealing series. The story by Rizvi continues to surprise and educate at the same time. The art by Rizvi is luminescent and beautiful. Altogether, a strong issue that will leave the reader feeling thankful for the good fortune in their lives.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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