Review: White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine

When the movie, Good Will Hunting, came out so many years ago, the world fell in love with its two writers and rediscovered just how brilliant Robin Williams still was. There are more than a few takeaways from that movie as “never judge a book by its cover”, which applied to Matt Damon’s character. The other takeaway is “everyone has their own individual path in life”, which one of the messages Ben Affleck’s character carries with him.  I got those messages and then some, but my main takeaway from that movie, is discovering Howard Zinn.

I remember one of my old Navy buddies talking about his one book repeatedly, and it did not really click until I watched that movie, then it made sense. The People’s History of The United States, was the book Robin Williams’ character told about and gave Matt Damon’s character in the film. I would find it soon after and my life, was never the same, as rarely does the story, ever been told by the oppressed, but this book told it. This is what Mohammad Sabaaneh’s political cartoons evoke in me, it speaks a truth rarely heard, which is collected in White and Black: Political Cartoons From Palestine.

His cartoons collected in this book, speak of the true horrors of being oppressed, and gives the reader a rarely heard or seen side of Palestine. He divides his cartoons based on themes, and it works magnificently to effect. The first chapter delves into the history of Palestine, a reality that has never been realized until now. The last chapter gives the reader a full view of what it means to b a “Political prisoner”.

Overall, an excellent book, that gives a clear view of what is going on in that part of the world. The stories by Sabaaneh leaves the reader affected. The art by Sabaaneh is gorgeous and heartbreaking. Altogether, an important book in the canon of political cartoons but will give Westerners a better understanding of your fellow man in that part of the world.

Story: Mohammad Sabaaneh Art: Mohammad Sabaaneh
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy