Review: Lady Mechanika Vol. 1

There are many things that come to mind, when one hears the word” steampunk”. Some people may think of the leather clad individuals you would see at comic book conventions wearing goggles and top hats. One may think of movies like Blade Runner and Buckaroo Bonzai. Then there are the inspirations found in the works of Jules Verne and HG Wells.

I know for me, when I think of steampunk I think of 80s cartoons. Of course, there is Brave Starr, which combined westerns future technology much like Wild Wild West with James Garner. Then there is the definite steampunk influences that can found all throughout Firefly, which in my opinion is the definitive steampunk western. Then here is the world of Joe Benitez’s Lady Mechanika, which is one of the more well written examples of how steampunk should be done.

In this first volume of Lady Mechanika, the reader gets a quick and dirty introduction of who she is in The Demon of Satan’s Alley, where the reader finds a tortured private investigator who is more than meets the eye. In the first collected arc, The Mystery of The Mechanical Corpse, the corpse of a young lady with mechanical limbs are found in the city, Lady Mechanika springs into action to not only find her but also find out if she has anything to do with her own mysterious past. Along the way, Commander Winters, and bevy of villains stand in her way. By book’s end, she has destroyed a longtime foe but she may have been colluding with the person who is behind all her troubles.

Overall, an excellent story, which feels more like an action film, than anything I have read in a while. The story by Benitez is engaging, fast paced, and has all the trappings of an excellent action adventure. The art by Benitez is in line with the best Steampunk artists but has a beauty all its own. Altogether, an excellent book, which will leave thirsting for the next chapter.

Story: Joe Benitez Art: Joe Benitez
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy NOW!!!!!

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