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Review: Kahlil #4

In the realm of comics, it is always nice to see when your protagonist takes you on a tour of the city they live in.  I grew up in Queens, New York, rarely did I ever glanced at a Spider-Man comic, and saw any version of Queens that I knew, except for Queens Center, which shows up in just about everything New York related.  This is exactly what made the latest run of Doctor Strange, so alluring, as it does give the reader a new look at the character but also of his surroundings, Brooklyn. This is also what makes Ms. Marvel, so exceptional, as the diversity made it shine, but its realistic portrayal of Jersey City, made natives take notice.

As these examples, showed how beautiful these cities are, but also what makes them so great which is the variety of people and surroundings. This is the reason I am so enjoying New Superman, as he is a very different character, but he is a man of his upbringing and his city, Shanghai, China.  As he pushes boundaries and to see one’s self in a character, is a beautiful thing. In the most recent installment, of Kahlil, our hero goes on a tour of his city, Karachi, Pakistan.

Kalhlil and his friends a get a class assignment to take a tour of the city, and as they find it is more varied then the Western world would make you believe. AS the city also have churches and statues to Jesus Christ, as well as, beaches and colleges. Kahlil reveals more about himself to one of the girls he befriended, as they discuss the differences between the religions and his struggle to fit in, finding out within this chapter, that he has real friend now. By the end of the book, as we find out more about Kahlil, we also uncover a group of terrorists.

Overall, an interesting tour of Karachi as well as a great introspective look at Kahlil. The story by Kumail Rizvi is highly intellectual and entertaining. The art by Rizvi is luminous as always. Altogether, a great chapter that achieves two things, as well as propels the story forward.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy