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Riftworld Gets a New Comic Series with Riftworld Legends

First Love Films, Sienna Films, and Joe Books have announced Riftworld Legends, a tenpart, digital-first comic series that expands the universe from the award-winning series Riftworld

Created and written by Jonathan Williams, with art by Daniel Wong, and colours by Paris Alleyne,
the series was edited by Jennifer Hale. Based on the world of the award-winning digital series
Riftworld Chronicles, Riftworld Legends is set in late 1400s and revolves around two young
mariners left for dead on an island somewhere in the North Atlantic. They find themselves in a
hostile and exotic landscape filled with magic, mythical beasts, and strange, non-human races,
and what starts as a struggle for survival becomes an epic historical saga as the men rise from
simple deckhands to heroes of legend when two worlds collide.

Published by Joe Books and produced in collaboration with First Love Films and Sienna Films,
Riftworld Legends is made with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation. The
ten-issue, digital-first comic series is available on comiXology, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo.