Join the Wonder Woman Tweet Chat with #PopPoliticsChat this Wednesday

Wonder Woman is a cultural phenomenon from playgrounds to Hollywood. A character and then movie designed with feminist intent has captivated audiences and become this summer’s biggest hit.

What does Wonder Woman have to say about women’s struggles with patriarchy and which bullets of oppression does she fail to deflect with her magic bracelets?

How are fans already using the movie to organize for women’s empowerment and can the movie be an entry point for better representation moving forward? Can Wonder Woman live up to her potential and can organizers use the box office hit to promote an agenda of social change?

Join us to discuss these questions and more on Twitter for the next #PopPoliticsChat on Wednesday, June 21st at 9 pm ET.

The panelists:

Anita Jackson is MomsRising’s Digital Communications Director. is an on-the-ground and online grassroots organization of more than a million people who are working to achieve economic security for all moms, women, and families in the US. Anita leads creative communications campaigns that center marginalized voices, support policy-changing grassroots action, and drive organizational growth. Anita’s work on strategic intersectional communication is integrated with every campaign. On Twitter as @Anita_Sarah

Cher Martinetti is a NYC based entertainment & pop culture journalist, humor writer, and host. She’s the founder & managing editor of Syfy Wire’s Fangrrls, a female centric genre vertical on Syfy Wire that launched in 2016. She’s the host of the popular podcast The Churn, the official post-show wrap-up podcast of Syfy’s critically acclaimed space opera The Expanse. In 2017 she cofounded Legion of Women Writers: a professional networking group for women writers that aims to address various issues women writers face in the workplace, such as sexism, sexual harassment, equal pay, and representation in media. On Twitter as @TheCherness

Caitlin Rosberg is a writing, knitting, tea drinking, baking machine with all the requisite robotic enhancements. She is obsessed with her dog and b-list comic book characters named Jim. A regular at Ladies’ Night at Graham Cracker Comics in the Loop, she’s also an editor and counter-of-beans for the Ladies’ Night Anthology, as well as a contributor to the A.V. Club’s Comics Panel. She likes talking and writing about the importance of safe spaces in nerd culture, how to start your own ladies’ night, independent publishing, and diversity in comic books. Ask her about Rhodey. On Twitter as @crosberg.

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