Review: Kahlil #3 First Days

The vicious cycle of “making friends”, can be hard for most people. As children, we do this out of necessity, as our need for belonging is incessant and drives most of our actions. As we get older, the need for belonging becomes less substantive, but still exists. As we become adults, we normally find ourselves in the same situation, as when we get new jobs, we again, are finding our place.

That need for belonging, is also what drives us to make friends out of people who we normally would not be friends with. As most of the time, we gravitate towards those we have most in common with. As we grow older it is almost like Abraham Lincoln, spoke of in his “team of rivals”, as we need friends who don’t only agree with us but also will not. This very dilemma, is Kahlil faces in this issue, as his need to fit in, leaves him feeling awkward.

In this issue, Kahlil’s father, got him to a very expensive private school, which will hopefully open doors for Kahlil moving forward. What he finds instantly is a that he is not the smartest kid in class and he might not be as smart as he once thought he was. He also encounters that thing that seems to subjugate kids his age, puberty, as he instantly is attracted to a girl in class. Before the end of this issue, he does find “His tribe”, as they are both the same and different , minus the superhero powers.

Another great installment in this ongoing saga of a superhero that more than belongs in chromatic world. The story by Rizvi, is unquestionably relatable and will leave the reader happy for the ending The art by Rizvi, is as always, stunning. Overall, a great issue, to an already excellent series.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

General Marvel