Review: Diskordia #5

There is a lot of adjectives that one can use to describe the movie, Fifth Element. As it pushes the boundaries of fantastical, as the concepts descried throughout the story is both familiar and groundbreaking. It is very much luminous, in its use of colors, as they not only pop off the screen, they push the limits of good taste. This was one of those movies, one had to re-watch, as the notions and nuances were so carefully placed, you were most assuredly going to miss them, first time around.

Chris Tucker’s performance was something to behold in that movie, as his portrayal of Ruby Rhod, stole the show from everyone in the movie including Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman. One can only wonder what Prince, who was originally offered the role, would have brought to it. The biggest takeaway from the character, is his seeming loss of control of his surroundings but total command of his destiny. In this latest of Diskordia, we find Iverna Diskerna, alluding to these same grand gestures.

WE catch up with Diskerna, shortly after making it back from the Underworld, which not only takes a part of her but leaves her famished. We also catch up with Cutter, who is still getting accustomed to hi surroundings, and meets Iverna’s assistant, Anko. He is taken to a seemingly innocent tea party, until a savage attack occurs. By the end of this issue, Cutter, I entrenched into this new world, and while Jackal finally meets Iverna.

Overall, an interesting exposition as this issue aims to bridge some gaps. Rivenis continues to thrive in his expansion of the story arc, which uncovers even more than the reader would expect. The art manna from heaven, almost like a beautiful hallucination. Altogether, an engaging stop on this ride we called Diskordia.

Story: Rivenis  Art: Rivenis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy