Review: Windmaker: The History of Atala – The Art of the Book Series

The obsession with Game of Thrones cannot be understated, as the series, in books and on TV, has reinvigorated people’s interests in high fantasy. The melding of genres and the epic storytelling is what makes this more than a regular sword saga.  The more audiences get into each character and each book, the more interesting it gets. So, when certain events pertaining to the main plotline, are brought up, the audience is more than curious, they beckon for it.

The one event within that book series I can think of, as it has been heavily alluded to, is Robert’s Rebellion, and although George RR Martin, has given us details here and there, all the details have not been explained, just the body count. At the end of the day, past histories and prequel series are essential to worldbuilding. As they more than serve as a plot device, as they did in Sons of Anarchy, they are what make the characters who they are. Therefore, after reading the excellent Malika, Warrior Queen, I was interested in who the “Windmaker,” was.

In this prequel one-shot of sorts, Roye Okupe delves into the history Of Atala, the great nations the Windmaker, comes form. As he talks about the founding, it feels those “histories of the house of” extras on the Game of Thrones Blu-Ray. We find out about the founding, their mythology, their cartography every major figure, every major conflict, and the invasion from the Ming Dynasty, which set up the events of the Malika, Warrior Queen. By book’s end, the reader has indoctrinated into their world and will be well equipped to dive into this universe.

Overall what was billed as an art book, functions more as primer to the world of Azzaz, where Malika, Warrior Queen takes place. The history laid out by Okupe, simply shines. Th art by Godwin Akpan illuminates Okupe’s world and brings to life the world they have created. Altogether, a lushly illustrated prequel that gives a good background for any newcomer to the story,

Story: Roye Okupe Art: Godwin Akpan
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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