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Manga Entertainment Options Jim Zub and Steven Cumming’s Wayward for TV

Jim Zub has announced that Manga Entertainment has optioned his comic series with illustrator Steven Cummings Wayward for television. The comic series, which is published by Image Comics, is in development as a Japanese animated or live action series. Zub and Cummings will act as creative consultants including the development of the initial story treatment along with character and creature designs.

Wayward is an action-drama set in modern Tokyo where Yokai, Japanese creatures and spirits of legend, battle against teenagers imbued with newfound supernatural power. The series launched to critical acclaim in August 2014 and is currently available in a monthly comic format and four collected trade paperbacks, with a new deluxe hardcover collection arriving in July. Wayward’s first volume, ‘String Theory’, made the Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2016 List of ‘Great Graphic Novels for Teens’ and has been favorably reviewed by many outlets, including Kirkus.


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  • This is extremely exciting news! Wayward has to be one of my favorite comics. Thanks for putting the word out. I will keep an ear out for future developments on this!