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Review: Hotshot #1

Underdogs are what most of us root for in a movie. Therefore, the movie, Rudy, is so memorable and almost used as an affectation for anyone having to overcome obstacles. The most recent underdog story that comes to is, Eddie the Eagle, a sappy story taking place during the 80s. What is the connection between these two stories other than actual people, is their heart.

That is why we love superheroes who are underdogs as well. Spider-Man stood up out for this exact reason, as he was relatable but his goodness always shined through. The Flash, was also the same, as Barry Allen, was just an ordinary guy until he sees troubles in the world. This is also why Hotshot, continues to be interesting, as his struggles are real.

In this issue, we catch up with Hotshot shortly after his dustup the Void. We also rehash his fight with his girlfriend and finally how these two worlds collide. What occurs is an all-out fight between Hotshot and the Void, leaving wreckage everywhere, as a character, points, it is pure insanity. Before the issue ends, there is new nemesis who can levitate everything in their wake.

Overall, an excellent first issue, which pulls the reader further in. The story by Michael Watson and Victor Dandridge is continuing to intrigue. The art by Ren McKenzie, Michael Watson, Matt Kelner, Marc Voletich, Ryan Carter, and Joe Bucco, punches every frame. Altogether, a good installment in this hero’s journey.

Story: Michael Watson and Victor Dandridge
Art: Ren McKenzie, Michael Watson, Matt Kelner, Marc Voletich, Ryan Carter and Joe Bucco
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 9.1 Recommendation: Buy