Review: Hotshot #0

Origin stories are truly the stuff of legends, when one understands how a hero came to be, it can truly be inspiring. The most popular heroes have origin stories rooted in tragedy. The most famous one being Batman, whose parents are killed right in front of him as a child. The other one that comes to mind, is the most epic refugee story, that of Superman, who not only loses his parents but his whole race.

There are also those heroes whose lives are much like our own. The characters that come to mind, is the heroes of the Dakota Universe, as they were normal characters until a life changing event occurs. This was the case with Static, who was an ordinary student, whose life was ordinary, until he gains powers. This is also the case with Hotshot, an art student, who unexpectedly gains powers from what is called the Zero Event.

In this premiere issue, we meet Hotshot, whose alter ego is an art student named Michael. We meet him shortly after he gets in trouble with his girlfriend, who is shocked to learn that he has kept his superhero identity a secret from her. What follows is a cataclysm where he saves some civilians and where his girlfriend breaks up with him. Before the issue ends, he stops a burglary, and teams up with Vigilance to stop a fire.

Overall, an excellent first issue, which introduces the reader to a relatable character who we all can see ourselves in. The story by Michael Watson and Victor Dandridge is immensely entertaining and makes the reader more than invested in these characters. The art by Ren McKenzie, Michael Watson, Matt Kelner, Marc Voletich, Ryan Carter, and Joe Bucco, simply shines and pops off the page. Altogether an entertaining “a day in the life of” that will keep the reader wanting more.

Story: Michael Watson and Victor Dandridge
Art: Ren McKenzie, Michael Watson, Matt Kelner, Marc Voletich, Ryan Carter and Joe Bucco
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

General DC