Review: Giallo Gumbo #0

Hip hop and anime, have flirted with each other for years, often leaving fans who loved both genres to wonder if there would ever be a creation that showed both. I remember when I first got into anime, the genre first mesmerized me with entries like Voltron and Robotech. I still felt out of touch, as I got older, my interest faded away, from that genre. My attention re-focused on hip hop, and the place where I found people who loved it just as much, and more than I did, was Japan.

By this time, the genre had invaded American shores, so when I found out Ghost in The Shell, Akira and Ranma ½, it had been a few years old, by the time I was stationed in Yokosuka. This is where I found the beauty of import CDs, where I picked up the import cd of Ice Cube’s Death Certificate, which had bonus tracks, that weren’t available on the American version. This is also where I found anime which spoke to me like Samurai Champloo which used breakbeats by the late great DJ Nujabes and Cowboy Bebop, which had a hip-hop attitude throughout. Years later, it is being not as hidden when shows like The Boondocks and Black Dynamite, had combined these two genres perfectly.

This is where Giallo Gumbo, brings the genre’s full on filtration in focus, as this story/collection, elevates these two in some ways which had not been seen until now. The book unfolds like a movie, with opening trailers and an introduction of each character. As the story goes, we get to see each character’s power in full effect, as we slowly find a certain character’s hidden powers by the end of the issue. As the art is the most alluring, there is a collection at least 20 pages long, at the end, that grabs you.

Overall, a fun book which grabs the reader with the art and keeps them with the interesting narrative. The story is funny, and if not for the fantastical elements, can be a page from real life. The art is amazing, as it deftly blends anime and realistic portrayals into beautiful sequential art. Altogether, a fun book that is worth everyone’s time, as it gives voice and perspective to a growing collective of artists in the South.

Story: Jahni Brooks Art: Nommo, Philip Johnson, Mikhail Sebastian, KC Bailey, Luis Figuerido, Chase Conley, Tovio Rogers
Story: 9 Art: 12 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy