Review: Royals #1

A myth from the future. A quest to the far stars. A legend written across galaxies. Guided by the other-dimensional Kree warrior known as Marvel Boy, the Inhuman Royal Family departs on an odyssey across all creation on search for lost secrets – and the last hope – of their people. Royals kicks off a Marvel-style space epic that promises to take the Inhuman Royal family into the unknown seeking knowledge that will change the course of Inhuman destiny.

Writer Al Ewing makes the fact this is about the future very clear as the comic opens in the future, post great adventure and pretty bluntly shows things don’t go smooth at all if some death to come among the exploration. The comic is interesting in that it puts Marvel Boy from and center with his weird history and social awkwardness and also really dives into some of the more obscure stories like the Black Vault event that saw the Kree homeworld Hala destroyed.

The first issue is all set up with some action to start, reminding us of the Inhuman’s plight, and then a debate as to who will head out into space on this mission. That’s about it, and in that sense, the issue is drawn out and decompressed in some ways. Thankfully the comic doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on the current Inhuman situation instead focused on the adventure to come and whatever Marvel Boy is scheming. Ewing balances things well in that aspect catching readers up on what has been and what to expect to come.

The art is interesting. I normally praise Jonboy Meyers and his energy on Teen Titans was something I enjoyed (for the little it was there). And while that style that pops is here, there’s also some details that drove me insane, particularly Medussa’s neck which looks freakishly tiny. There’s a few other instances of this on due to Meyer’s slightly exagerated style things seem to be a bit amplified. But the vast majority looks fantastic! The spread of Marvel Boy describing his history looks fantastic as does the Inhuman ship taking off (and the final page of just Medusa looks amazing and her neck is more normal). It was just a very odd thing I noticed that I became slightly obsessed about reading the comic. Meyers is joined by Ryan Kinnaird on colors and Meyer’s energetic style is helped by a color palette that pops on the page.

The first issue is a fun read and sets the Inhumans off into a more sci-fi cosmic adventure which is something that I’ve felt they’ve lacked for a few years. The last page especially is interesting and has me wanting to find out more and with the combo of Ewing and Meyers I’m expecting a comic that’ll return me to the spacfaring hopping adventure from Marvel in the 00s that gave us some awesome modern classic storylines. To Hala and beyond!

Story: Al Ewing Art: Jonboy Meyers
Story: 7.85 Art: 8.05 Overall: 7.90 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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