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Baby Beats Beast. Ghost Underperforms. Rangers Drop a Lot.

It was a close one, but it looks like The Boss Baby has debuted as the top film at the box office this past weekend narrowly beating Beauty and the Beast. The animated film earned an estimated $49 million, an amount that is higher than pre-release industry estimates. The film scored an “A-” CinemaScore and those under the age of 18 gave it an “A+.” 53% of the audience was female and 67% was families.

Beauty and the Beast dropped to second in its third week adding an estimated $47.5 million to its total. Domestically the film has earned $395.5 million so far and $480.8 in foreign markets. The Worldwide total of $876.3 million is the 2017 top-grossing film worldwide so far. It leads by an impressive $300 million. It’s also the top-grossing domestic film as well.

In third place was Ghost in the Shell which earned $19 million. The $110 million budget film can only be considered a disappointment and I think few are surprised (though that’s well below expectations). Even without all of the controversy, this is a film that will do vastly better in foreign box offices than the domestic. Live action anime films have largely bombed in the domestic box office and as a whole, anime is still a niche market within the US. The film so far as earned $40.1 million in 50 foreign markets for a total of $59.1 million. The film received a “B” CinemaScore and it was largely male with 61%. The thing to look for is how the film does in Japan and China where I expect it will likely do well and make up for the US flop. A movie to compare it to is Warcraft. That film earned $24.2 million opening weekend and went on to earn $47.4 million domestically, $386.3 million in foreign box offices, for $433.7 million worldwide with a budget of $160 million. That’s 89.1% earnings in the foreign box office. Expect similar for Ghost in the Shell.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dropped from second to fourth adding $14.5 million domestically. That’s a 64% drop since last week and the film sits at $97.8 million. There’s talk of a six movie arc so it’ll be interesting to see how week numbers may impact that. The film’s budget is $100 million and there’s still some markets for it to open up in. Expect it to be a further hard drop as the fans will front load the viewing.

Rounding out the top five is Kong: Skull Island which added $8.8 million to its domestic total which is $147.8 million. Worldwide the film has earned $477.3 million.

Focusing more on “comic” films….

Logan came in at #6 with an estimated $6.2 million domestically. The film is a definite hit with a budget of just $97 million it has earned $585.4 million worldwide. A solid return and further proof you can do superhero comic films for under $100 million that make money and bring in audiences.

The LEGO Batman Movie earned $800,000 domestically and came in at #12. Worldwide the film has earned $297.3 million but with a budget of $80 million, that’s not bad. It’s far below The LEGO Movie‘s $469.2 million worldwide.

Finally, Wilson added $115,000 in just 311 theaters (an increase of one from last week). The film has just opened domestically and earned $592,329 so far.

Come back in an hour where we’ll have more analysis of the 2016 comic films as we begin to shift and look at 2017.

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