Review: Charmed #1

Witchcraft since the beginning of time has been portrayed as dark magic, and its practitioners severely disfigured or geriatric.  Recently, in the past few years, the term “witch hunt”, has been thrown around, or describe any overzealous mission, but its origin in the Salem Witch Trials remains its most eponymous. Then there are the more famous witches in popular culture, the ones that whose backstory recently updated in the excellent Toil and Trouble, the witches of Macbeth. My personal favorites are the witches, of Hocus Pocus because of the way they also highlighted the mythos, in a smart and irreverent manner.

Growing up, shows Sabrina the Teenage Witch, did not capture my attention, but Bewitched did, It was not until I started watching Charmed, that I  became, enchanted. I initially started watching the show, because I had crush on Alyssa Milano, but I kept watching because it was excellent storytelling. The show made magic fun and twisted, even when Shannen Doherty and they brought on Rose McGowan, the show actually got better. After eight seasons, they were done, and although the ending was somewhat satisfying, I still held out hope for further adventures which according to recent news, will be coming back with a 70s twist.

In the meantime, their story continues, in the new series from Dynamite which finds the Halliwell Sisters in a battle with the Underworld. We find them narrowly escaping a fight with Charon and hi astral projections, who Paige vanquishes. Meanwhile, the sisters, still are trying to balance their magical world with their normal civilian lives. By issue’s end, the Halliwells are fighting a concerted effort, and the fight from the Underworld starts to seep into their normal human life.

This was fun escaping back into this world, as I got to relive all this magical world, and dip back into the Halliwell Manson. The story by Erica Schultz has all the heart, fun, and mystery that the show had. The art by Maria Sanapo is both realistic and entrancing. Overall, a great first issue and an excellent value addition to the canon.

Story: Erica Schultz Art: Maria Sanapo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review