Flashback Friday Review: Wolverine: Rahne Of Terra

Wolverine_Rahne_of_Terra_Vol_1_1.jpgFirst published in August of 1991 (according to the legal bit in the back cover), the last time I read Wolverine: Rahne Of Terror must have been nearly twenty years ago in an old British reprint comic called Wolverine Unleashed (Issues #24-26), so when I found it for $3 at my LCS a couple weeks ago I jumped at the chance to read it again. You can’t really go wrong getting a 64-page story for three bucks, I thought, and I remembered enjoying it when I last read the story. Of course yesterday I saw the comic in the dollar bin, but what can you do?

Now despite this being labeled as a Wolverine comic, the story focuses more on Rhane Sinclair and the New Mutants than it does the title character. While it was probably a useful tactic aimed at pushing the New Mutants using Wolverine’s name at the time – though how successful it was at the time,  I’ll never know because I don’t care enough to research sales numbers from that time right now.

Aside from focusing on the New Mutants Rahne Of Terra positions Wolverine as the villain thanks to the age old mind control trick, and places him at the mercy of an evil wizard who has pulled Wolverine into an alternate dimension that echoes medieval Europe in order to murder a few people. The story isn’t one of Peter David‘s best, but it’s still an enjoyable diversion for a half hour or so. Andy Kubert‘s art holds up surprisingly well, although some of the hair styles and costume choices have a very 90’s feel, the alternate universe nature of the story mitigates the aesthetically aging moments.

Although this story doesn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped it would after twenty years, it’s still worth reading if you come across it in a dollar bin, but it may not be worth deliberately going out to look for it.

Story: Peter David Pencils/Inks: Andy Kubert
Colours: Sherilyn Van Vaulkenberg
Story: 6 Art: 7 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Read