TV Review: 24 Legacy 12:00pm-1:00pm

24foxFox‘s heart pumping, edge-of-your-seat spy drama makes its landmark return and sure doesn’t waste anytime cutting to the chase. The series is set to reinvigorate the franchise with the new protagonist Eric Carter a US Ranger who’s previous operation in a foreign country thwarted the plans of a Terrorist named Bin Khalid. The plot unfolds as Carter’s team of Rangers now living with new identities are slowly being picked off one by one as renewed terrorist elements in the country search for a hidden strongbox with terror cell information.

Like its predecessor, 24 Legacy is not shy to explore and serve commentary on timely or overlooked issues. Beneath the surface of all the intrigue, there is a story about the plight of veteran welfare, and their mental health. The current domestic threat is heightened when Ben, one of the last remaining rangers takes the strongbox and essentially attempts to sell it to the highest bidder. Ben is disgruntled about his livelihood and treatment after his military service skirts an interesting blurry line between patriotism and treason. It will be interesting to see how 24 Legacy deals with it.

As the indispensable 24 institution, I am happy to see that CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) makes its return.  I’ve been eager to see how CTU would have grown in the years since we have last seen it operational. In a sense it both disappoints and delivers. Technologically CTU (at least in the first hour) is a marvel, with all the bells and whistle of the current tech era, CTU impresses with its use of real-time surveillance archived satellite feeds and use of drones. Personnel wise it appears that CTU has not changed much at all. Sadly 24 Legacy resurrects the tired trope of endless politicking and career climbing among the coworkers at the agency. 1 hour in and we are already introduced to a street smarts vs book smart rivalry, and classic side-eye/somebody’s always looking atmosphere of paranoia. We have seen so many interactions of this that you have to wonder if anybody is not more committed by task rather than ego. By the end of the episode there’s even a full-on commandeering of CTU. Although formulaic this latter development was the more warranted and enjoyable turn of events where CTU was concerned. Rebecca Ingram the former director of CTU takes drastic measures after the fallout from her previous and seemingly Bin Khalid operation presents some current fallout. Ingram is a really compelling character, somewhat a mix of Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines in a way…both bureaucratic and badass. Speaking of former characters, the college educated Mariana is revealed to be Edgar Stiles cousin, a fan favorite and a nice touchstone to the previous series. Last Eric Carter definitely delivers as the series central protagonist. He is every bit the bad ass the Jack Bauer was, and his performance really sells this new character taking the reins. That said I will be genuinely surprised if Mr. Bauer is a no-show at any point during the series.

24 Legacy is a high-octane ride that wastes no time diving right into the madness that 24 fans are familiar with. New fans also have a very good jumping on point and should not miss it if they are curious I have fond memories watching with housemates back in my University days. Watching and reviewing the new installment feels like a homecoming of sorts. I am invested in most of the characters and eagerly awaiting to see how this new day unfolds.

Overall Rating: 9.5

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