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Challengers Comics + Conversation Celebrates Women’s History Month

Award-Winning Chicago comic retailer Challengers Comics + Conversation launched an ambitious plan to highlight local female and non-binary artists in daily tabling events to commemorate Women’s History Month. From horror to heroes, from established artists to comic-related art, the talent Challengers has put together allows for comic fans of all ages a great chance to find something new to love. New creators are being added regularly so make sure and check out their website to see the latest additions. Creators can email challengers@challengerscomics.com to participate. Challengers Comics + Conversation is located at 1845 N Western Ave in the Bucktown neighborhood. Swing by and celebrate Women’s Comics Month!

The current schedule is as follows:

Thu Mar 02: Chloë Perkis, 11am-7pm
Fri Mar 03: Bianca Xunise, 3pm-7pm
Sat Mar 04: Lauren Burke / Monica Ras, 11am-5pm
Sun Mar 05: Amber Huff, 11am-5pm
Mon Mar 06: Rosie Accola, 11am-5pm
Wed Mar 08: Isabella’s Crafts, 5:30pm-7pm
Thu Mar 09: Sara Kloskowski, 3pm-7pm
Fri Mar 10: Marie Enger, 2pm-7pm
Sat Mar 11: Andrea Bell, 11am-5pm
Sun Mar 12: Rebecca Rothschild,
Tue Mar 14: Natalie Andrews, 2pm-5pm / Isabella’s Crafts, 5:30pm-7pm
Wed Mar 15: Kat Leyh, 5pm-7pm
Thu Mar 16: Stephanie Mided, 2pm-7pm
Fri Mar 17: Ashley Riot, 11am-5pm
Sat Mar 18: Amy Peltz, 11am-5pm
Sun Mar 19: Sheika Lugtu / The Ladydrawers 11am-5pm
Tue Mar 21: Sage Coffey, 11am-7pm
Wed Mar 22: Isabella’s Crafts, 5:30pm-7pm
Thu Mar 23: Vickie Perez-Segovia (Vixtopher) 11am-7pm
Fri Mar 24: Yewon Kwon, 5pm-7pm
Sat Mar 25: Cathy Hannah, 11am-5pm
Sun Mar 26: Corinne Halbert, 12pm-3pm
Tue Mar 28: Leila Abdelrazaq, 11am-5pm
Wed Mar 29: Isabella Rotman, 11am-7pm
Thu Mar 30: Delia Jean,
Fri Mar 31: Caroline Picard, 5pm-7pm

Challengers Comics + Conversation was opened on March 31, 2008 by Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush. Since then, they’ve been honored not just to be the recipients of awards like Best Comics Shop (Chicago Reader, 2010) and the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award (2013), but to be the local comics shop of some of the most enthusiastic comics fans.