Review: Extremity #1

img_4367I have been waiting for what seems like forever for Extremity #1, and it has finally arrived. I am happy to say, that it does not disappoint. Daniel Warren Johnson writes and draws the hell out of this comic. At the end of the book, and in a separate interview I read with the creator, he described the concept of losing the right hand as something close to home. What happens to Thea, our main character, having her drawing hand chopped off, is literally Daniel’s worst nightmare. It works and could absolutely come off as cliché or cheesy in the wrong hands (or hand), thankfully, Johnson nails the tone.

Our story opens up with an attack on Thea’s village by an evil group called the Paznina. After many are killed, including a member of her family, and her hand is removed, it would seem all hope is lost. Sometime later, Thea is seen underground with her brother, Rollo and her father and their leader, Jerome. They are building a resistance and planning their revenge. This book touches on quite a few themes, and rising up against an oppressive force of evil is a big one here. Think of an all odds against our heroes kind of classic tale, and that’s basically what we get here. There’s an evil high society rich group running everything, and a beaten down tribal group that is fighting back. Our heroes may be a bit more modern to be fully called tribal, but their mannerisms and leadership are definitely that of a sacred clan.

The art by Johnson is fantastic, and the colors by Mike Spicer bring it to life. The action is fast, violent, and beautiful, even when blood is sprayed across the panels. The entire book gives me the feeling I’m looking at stills from a classic Samurai film with a little science fiction and Mad Max thrown in. It is an original style that fits the story perfectly and gives the book its own identity. I love when an artist is not only super talented but also original. This doesn’t look like anything else out there, and that’s great. The entire book felt gritty, yet still was filled with a wide color palette. The art will catch some people’s eyes, especially the amazing wrap around cover, which represents the book perfectly. If you judge a book by its cover, then this one is amazing.

I would highly recommend Extremity to anyone who loves action, adventure, samurai, westerns, dystopian, science fiction, and so many more categories because it is a relatable story. Any of us could lose something that makes us who we are. An athlete, chef, musician, artist, and so on. Our extremities are things we take for granted. Once one of them that we look to as a way to escape or to create was gone, how would we react? Would we ever be the same? At the least it makes me think more of amputees and the struggle they go through, and how it changes their lives. Does an artist who loses their hand draw a different way? Do they continue to draw at all? Extremity lets us find the answers to that, with an awesome story and art to go with it.

Story and Art: Daniel Warren Johnson Color: Mike Spicer
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Image provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review