Review: Spirit Wars #1

spirit-wars-1Comics have a way of reaching people when other forms of storytelling cannot. I have mentioned before in previous reviews of how my father got me into reading comics and how I have used the medium to get my daughters to read as well. This seems true for most people, not only here in America, but all around the world. As comics fans, all around the globe fell in love with DC and Marvel, they also were inspired by them.

In the 70s, Marvel reached out in Great Britain, first as reprints of some of their ongoing titles and then with original titles like Captain Britain Weekly and Knights of Pendragon. The other direction Marvel reached was north of the border, with the much-touted Alpha Flight. DC, on the other hand, the closest they ever came to is Earth One’s version of Batman and Robin and Justice League Europe being based in London, but their line, Vertigo, had a deeper run with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Invincibles. The one thing both companies have not done, is to reach out to the rest of the world despite this fact, the rest of the globe still has embraced the ethos of the superhero.

Case and point, the emergence of Vortex Comics, from Nigeria, who have a series of titles, which not only embraced the superhero genre but also embraced other genres while not alienating its core audience, by including characters who look like them. In the debut issue of Spirit Wars, we are introduced to Bolaji, whose secret superhero identity is Strike Guard, but has since lost his powers until a friend who has long passed has brought him back to life, by permission of Death himself. The bargain his friend made was to kill as many angels as Death would require, a penance that would literally bring about reverberations in Heaven and Hell. By the end of the first issue, one thing is certain, war is coming.

Overall, a very strong first issue which not only delivers but introduces the reader to a world that is part Game of Thrones and part Clash Of The Titans with shadows of Infinity Gauntlet. The story by Mamode Ogbewele and Somto Ajuluchuckwu, is immersive and enlightening, while its pace can seem breakneck at times, it still is entertaining. The art by Somto Akah, Jimmy King, and Toyin Ajetunmobi, is simply beautiful, as the vibrant tones and colors accentuate the characters and backgrounds, while the way they use sepia tones, are the best I have ever seen. Altogether, an excellent debut, that leaves the reader hungry for more, which this nine issue series aims to do.

Story: Mamode Ogbewele and Somto Ajuluchuckwu
Art: Somto Akah, Jimmy King and Toyin Ajetunmobi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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