Review: Quantum Teens Are Go #1


Being a teenager is always rough. There’s school, family, figuring yourself out, somehow deciding on your future, balancing it all precariously. In this offering from creators Magdalene Vissagio and Eryk Donovan, you can toss in some stealing bits of theoretical science and hodge-podging it together to make some cool breakthroughs on top of all that. It gets pretty complicated pretty fast.

To go into any level of detail about this comic would be to spoil moments you’ll really want to discover for yourself. Suffice it to say, Vissagio manages to write another perfectly believable, diverse, and unapologetically queer cast of characters with seeming ease. I have no idea how she makes everyone seem so wonderfully human but she does, just as she did with Kim & Kim.

The art of Donovan with the colors of Claudia Aguirre are a great partner to the story that reminds me of the photocopied look of older ‘zines individually painted with watercolors and paint splatters galore. Nothing about this comic steps on the toes of anything else here, even down to the lettering by Zakk Saam.

I really love the setup we’ve got in this first issue and I’m excited to see where things can go. The issue as a whole ensured I’d be back but the ending definitely solidified it for me.

Story: Magdalene Visaggio Art: Eryk Donovan Colors: Claudia Aguirre Letters: Zakk Saam
Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy it, for (mad) science.

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review.