Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set – War Machine

This February sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set. The first starter set has an Iron Man focus introducing new mechanics.

I’ll be reviewing a group of cards a day until the whole set is completed and then general thoughts on the whole set. But, beyond discussing the cards and how they fit into the Dice Masters game, I’ll also focus on the characters themselves and if the card reflects their comic history.

Up today is War Machine, the second time the character has appeared, the first being Avengers vs. X-Men.

Art: Salvador Larroca, Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 #513

Comic origin: War Machine refers to the Iron Man armor mostly worn by James Rhodes. A Marine, who eventually works for Tony Stark and Stark Industries.

When Stark had to step aside due to drinking issues, Rhodes stepped in to the role if Iron Man.

Rhodes wore the original outfit off and on for some time, and after Stark “died” the War Machine armor was created.

Rhodes’ role has been all over the place as War Machine, acting as an Avengers, working for the US government and military, to being a solo superhero.

Rhodes recently was killed while battling Thanos during the start of  the Civil War II storyline.

Live action version: James Rhodes and War Machine have been depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Terence Howard and Don Cheadle.

war-machine-model-11War Machine: Model 11

Card playability: A cheap version of War Machine the previous were all 5 SHIELD to purchase. A little cheaper to field, with stats that are a little weaker than the previous version, this War Machine is all about a cheap addition to the Iron Man team affiliation.

There is “Fast” which is a decent addition for a relatively cheap die which allows you to deal damage before non-Fast characters in combat. With ok stats for attack and defense, this is a card and die that you can get out on the field relatively easily.

Card vs. Comic: The Model 11 was the original version of this armor that Tony Stark wore before more weaponry was added in later models for Jim Rhodes. So, this card having little as far as capabilities fits really well. This is the “basic” version of the armor and the card reflects that.


war-machine-jrxl-1000War Machine: JRXL-1000

Card playability: A little more expensive to purchase than the “Model 11” card, this is still cheaper than previous versions of the character in the game.

Like the “Model 11” this version has Fast which reflects the offensive capabilities, but it also has “Suit Up” with Iron Man and  also if it’s at level 1 Sidekicks can’t block it.

That star ability is rather blah due to the fact that “Suit Up” places the die in at Level 2. But, there’s not too many Iron Man dice I’d want to “Suit Up” with. The 3 cost Iron Man has 4A and 4D at Level 2, so it’s a decrease in attack, but gaining Fast.

Card vs. Comic: “Suit Up” along gives the card an ability that works really well with the Iron Man character in comics where different suits are used based on needs. The inclusion of “Fast” fits the offensive capabilities and it’s Level 1 ability feels like it fits the character taking out lower level drones in a comic.

war-machine-rhodeyWar Machine: Rhodey

Card playability: At 4 SHIELD to purchase, again this version of the character is cheaper than the previous set’s take on it.

I do like this version which again has “Fast” but also does damage to your opponent when you KO an opposing character die in combat. To be able to do 2 damage on top of KOing an opposing character is nice and at Level 1 the character die is now 3A instead of the previous version’s 2A.

This version is clearly about getting it in combat, doing damage first, and then doing additional damage to your opponent. Getting it out early to take on Sidekicks is solid and out of the three, this is one I really like.

Card vs. Comic: Like the other two this does have a lot that reflects the character in comics. Again it has “Fast,” but the additional damage really reflects how much firepower this character has and the damage he can do.


Final Thoughts: All three are interesting additions to the Iron Man world of Dice Masters. Each has their good and bad and all three are worth working with to see how they do in an Iron Man team. I particularly like “Rhodey” with the additional damage it does when you KO an opposing die. Any damage is a good thing.


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