Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set – Jarvis

This February sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set. The first starter set has an Iron Man focus introducing new mechanics.

I’ll be reviewing a group of cards a day until the whole set is completed and then general thoughts on the whole set. But, beyond discussing the cards and how they fit into the Dice Masters game, I’ll also focus on the characters themselves and if the card reflects their comic history.

Up today is Jarvis which makes his debut in the Dice Masters game.

Art: George Pérez and Terry Austin, The Avengers #201

Comic origin: Edwin Jarvis is best known as the butler for the Avnegers. He first came into his position as the butler for Howard and Maria Stark and then Tony Stark.

Jarvis was present at the first meeting for the Avengers since Stark donation the mansion to the group as their headquarters. Jarvis remained as their servant and confidant.

Live action version: Edwin Jarvis appeared in the two seasons of Agent Carter played by James D’Arcy. Tony Stark’s AI in the Iron Man films is also named J.A.R.V.I.S.

jarvis-butlerJarvis: Butler

Card playability: There’s a lot packed into this card. Based on the stats of the die, we’re not looking at an offensive machine here, it’s meant for defense.

First, the character is an Ally which makes it a Sidekick in the field zone. There’s good and bad about that with other cards that can impact Sidekicks in positive and negative ways.

I like the “when fielded” ability to deal “X” damage to a target character die when the die is fielded. So, you’re doing at least 1 damage which might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a nice added. And I tend to field a few dice at once in my style of play, so this one definitely works for me when it comes to that.

Finally, there’s the Global Ability which allows you to spin an Iron Man character down to field an Iron Man Affiliation die for 1 less. There’s some pricey Iron Man affiliated dice out there, so anything cheaper is a good thing.

Card vs. Comic: Jarvis in the comics feels like he does a ton, and this card definitely matches that giving us three different functions packed into it.


jarvis-chief-of-staffJarvis: Chief of Staff

Card playability: I like the ability to gain life in the game, but there’s easier ways that are cheaper, so this character card isn’t quite as good as I’d hope. Yes, it’s a bit more straightforward with less trings than others, but at 5 to purchase I’d only see it come into play in later parts of the game.

If there gets to a point where you can gain more than 20 life my opinion might change, but right now, not a fan of this for the price.

Card vs. Comic: I guess? Jarvis does help bring the Avengers together often, especially when it comes to patching each other up, so in that sense, it works well to reflect that aspect.

jarvis-loyal-confidantJarvis: Loyal Confidant

Card playability: Again this card is focused on fielding, a theme all three cards have. This one has the Ally, but it also allows you to field ANY die for 1 less as long as it’s the next one. That one also gets +1A and +1D.

The bad is it’s just one die, but the fact it’s any of them is a bonus and helpful to lessen the impact of some of the dice from this set (and elsewhere) that’s a bit expensive to field. Add in the fact that even at level 3 Jarvis costs nothing to field, this is a solid bonus and function.

Card vs. Comic: Again this is a card that helps others, which fits Jarvis’ role within the Avengers. He helps boost other dice and helps you field them cheaper. It’s solid and feels like Jarvis helping support an Avenger and making sure they’re in their best shape to fight.


Final Thoughts: I generally like all three versions. Out of the two “Butler” and “Loyal Confidant” are the two that stick out and I can see me adding them to a team to help set up some sort of combination.


WizKids provided Graphic Policy with FREE product for review.