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Sharknado Director Anthony C Ferrante to Tackle Comic Series Farway Canyon

farway-canyonAnthony C Ferrante, director of the iconic Sharknado films, has selected Farway Canyon as his follow-up genre project. Based on the independent comic book series written and published by Steve Hillard and Dennis Nowlan, Ferrante will develop the project as a television series, along with Hillard’s partner in “The Chronicles of Ara” franchise, Joel Eisenberg.

Farway Canyon is a take on the great sci-fi monster flicks of the 1950s and 60s. The story centers on a group of idealistic college students who investigate a lost Cold War project more secretive and potentially threatening than Area 51.

The comic series and its television adaptation is an homage to movies like Them, Godzilla, Forbidden Planet and even Dr. Strangelove.

Ferrante and the team expect to pitch Farway Canyon beginning in January.

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