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Rogue One is First Again, But Hidden Figures is a Close Second

rogueone_onesheeta_1000_309ed8f6Rogue One: A Star Wars Story repeated in first place for the fourth weekend in a row earning an estimated $21.97 million for the weekend. The film has earned $477.3 million domestically and now stands at $914.4 million worldwide. That has had the film move into fifth place for worldwide earnings for a film released in 2016.

In a close second was Hidden Figures which received its national release. The film earned $21.8 million for the weekend bringing its total to an estimated $24.8 million after three weeks. The film had a budget of $25 million so should do quite well especially after lots of buzz and positive word of mouth. The film’s success was driven by a diverse audience that was 64% female, 56% of the audience under the age of 35, and 43% of the audience Caucasian, 37% African-American, and 13% Hispanic.

In third place was Sing which added an estimated $19.6 million to bring its domestic total to $213.4 million and worldwide total to $356.9 million. The film is doing quite well, especially with a budget of just $75 million.

In fourth was Underworld: Blood Wars which earned an estimated $13.1 million. The film debuted with the lowest opening for an Underworld film and received a “B+” CinemaScore. It’s unknown what the international earnings are so far. With a budget of $35 million, the film will likely make a slight profit by the time things are done.

In fifth was La La Land which was boosted due to awards season. The film earned an estimated $10 million for a domestic gross of $51.7 million. With a budget of just $30 million, the film will do quite well in the long run and make a nice profit.

In comic book films, Doctor Strange was #19 earning $330,000 as the film begins to wrap up its domestic run. The film has earned $230.9 million domestically and $658.9 million worldwide. The film still needs to debut in Japan so it’s unknown how it’ll look when it’s completely over.

We’ll be back in an hour with an updated look at comic book movie adaptations released in 2016.

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